Mar. 3rd, 2010

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I now realize what I dislike about mod-choice apps. sometimes they can get back to you really fast, but then there's cases like my current app I put in. Seriously, it's been a few days, when normally it seems to take them a day or so to give the player an answer. Is it because I said I hate AIM? I mean I can understand if that's an issue, but I'd hop on trillian if they dropped me a line and said that it was kindasorta required. just. yanno. They'd need to reply to my application first.

It's a little annoying how some srs roleplays tend to think application == job application. Seriously, some of the questions were "what do you want to do with this character?" "how long have you been roleplaying?", I almost was expecting a spot for me to upload my resume. Now that I think about it... I can't remember if this was the game lichifruit said sucked or the one that was awesome. I really hope it's not the one full of fail, I more or less tried to get two other friends to app as well.

On the other hand! This is a character I'm really exited to play, even more then the next person I'm planning to app in cfud. Interestingly enough he's exactly the type of character I'd like to play in a memory loss game. So yeah, pertaining to the title, does anybody have a good tabula rasa out there? I just have a few things:

-please no superhero/harry potter themed games, it's not that I hate them, just I tend to like playing in superhero/hp games only if I'm playing a superhero/hp character myself... and he's not that at all.

-no power-loss games either, the one I'm applying at is different because it has an awesome setting, but part of the fun about having a character slowly regain their memories is that OH HOLY SHIT HOW DID THAT EVEN that'd hit them later on.

-I'm really picky about my jamjar games (aka "you are at X, and you can not leave"). It takes a good setting for that kind of thing not to come off as "we need to disguise this game play mechanic somehow".

-Considering some things, mandatory sex games might be uh, bad.

That's about it! I'm awesome to play with, (may be a complete lie) and not full of fail when it comes to my characters (definitely a complete lie). SO REC ME YOUR MEMORY LOSS GAMES PEOPLE.


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