Mar. 25th, 2010

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I love playing in games, I do! So far the games I'm in are great, and they allow me to play different sides of my characters. St. Edelweiss is a dark game that lets me have fun with mindfuck and horror, and CFUD is a nice, fast paced crack game with an amazing cast. I'm still debating if I want to join those memory loss games you guys suggested (other then sabra because I already have one soul-sucking timewaster that I'm in), but I'm also debating going ahead and working on that LJ game I've got going. The system needs some work, so expect me to ask you guys Your Thoughts On LJ-rp soon.

But all is not well in roleplay land, and I have a few minor gripes:

St. Edelweiss:
Dear god this game is slow. I mean seriously, incredibly slow. Part of this is the day = set of time mechanic in the game, but even then that would just mean that most of the activity would be on the weekends. Not really. The game honestly needs more players, and I think the app form might be warning some people off. The truth is that very few, if any potential players get rejected if they're properly IC. Also a small problem is that they use the term "staff" for the mods in addition to "staff", the people who IC run the asylum. So for some things they mention that you should bring it up to the mods if you want to do a event/whatever that "staff" doesn't normally allow. I might bring it up to them later if it really gets in the way, but right now I'm happy with the game and wish that people would post more.

Diagnosis: The little cfuder in me wants to say to people "c'mon guys, lets get in there and REALLY show them how to get some activity going".

Is it classless of me to bitch about apps when I have cfud people on the flist? Yeah, but I don't think that there's anybody who didn't know who I apped last round, so I think I'm in the clear.

I hate apps, but you know what I hate more? Re-apping. The problem is I have two things working against me, the first is that I have to force myself to get over my self-pity/GOD I SUCK feelings and suck it up so I can get the reapp done. The other problem once I'm done with that is saying "oh hell I used the set-up I wanted on the first app, now I have to start from scratch, and I have no ideas". I never understood why the FAQ had a ruling about just linking or reusing an old app until now... because if I could I would just link the voting community to my other app, the threads I've been in, and my essays, and just say "THERE. Do you think I've got enough of his headspace down?"

There's another issue, time. For whatever ungodly reason the app date is going to be on the 9th. This gives me roughly two weeks to nail down an app that doesn't suck donkey cock, instead of the normal... oh, say MONTH or so. The only reason I can figure for this is that there's a con coming up and/or counselors is soon. This makes me cry in my soul because I have a counselor app planned and I have to effectively try and crank out two apps that aren't terrible. Did I also mention that I have a root canal surgery planned on the 8th? Hold me gentle friendslist, hold me.

In the end I'd have a lot less of a struggle with apps if the very structure of them didn't force my characters OOC. It's a catch 22: you get dinged for having a one-sided conversation, but on the other hand WHO THE HELL TALKS TO THEMSELVES THAT MUCH, at least IC.

Diagnosis: Struggle through apps and then get shitfaced so I don't remember how bad I'll inevitably do.

I swear, after I get all of this done and I pay back the people I owe money? I am getting WASTED and/or enjoying a day with my friends.


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