Apr. 1st, 2010

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I know you don't like when I point out that we spend about 40-60$ a month on alcohol on you, that's your coping mechanism in this situation and I can't blame you for that, if only I wish you had picked a cheaper one. What I hate is how you boil down any problems I have with balancing the checkbooks is "well if you didn't spend so much time on that GAME..." Let me make a rebuttal to your comment and the previous argument that has left me in tears.

My dental costs are going to be 2500$ or so for just the basic things, and that's not counting the possibility of the cost for fillings, emergency visits, and the cost of travel. On the 8th I will have to pay 300$ for a root canal and then beg the dentist to try and schedule me in for the next possible time to see if he can downgrade my other root canal to "a filling that will eventually need to be root canaled". This is not what I want. what I want is a crown for the root canal that was done two years ago, but I won't have that money for awhile, and I don't want this to get even WORSE. On the 8th I will have to go in, have surgery without anybody waiting for me in the waiting room afterwards, and then come home to continue saving money without any form of coping device, unlike you.

Moreover, as of now I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep because of anxiety keeping me awake, and nightmares even when I work myself to exhaustion. When the 8th rolls around I will either have taken so much Codeine that I'm barely coherent and able to get myself to the dentist's office, or I will be a shaking wreck. Thank god that I've been saving the stuff since my last infection. The point is, I've been under more stress then you think.

So by telling me that I have to do all the taxes and not knowing what additional paper to file for a payment plan (as we don't have the 5000$ to spare right now), you are not helping. What doesn't help more is that you refuse to see a doctor even though you're clearly sick and the costs of preventive medicine (though it's 150$) is a hell of a lot less then the last time you were hospitalized (over 500$ a DAY). So when you say that if I can't do it you "just won't file", is really more stress then I need.

No. Your ass is filing taxes. Despite the fact that you pay far too much in taxes, we both know Murphy's Law. The one time you wouldn't file is the one time they'd come down like a ton of bricks on you. So I have to do it. But is it really too much to ask your friends what the hell the form is called? Yes I know they say they're too busy to help, but I bet you don't give them the shit you give me.


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