Apr. 3rd, 2010

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I have found an amazing distraction/stress relief method is to work on AMV's (note, this is after I busted my ass on the tax shit. It still needs a lot of work, but it's something). I find this hilarious since both the cons I go to I'm not even sure this amv would even GET IN. Even when I'm trying to tone down the gore the canon I'm using has just enough incidental gore that it might be over the edge for Fanime. It sure as hell wouldn't get in to Yaoicon because there's a line that indicates that, GASP, the character might be something other then totally gay. I know I know, they do it for a reason, but sadly they allow the most leniency for mature themes, so it's a little frustrating that any sign of female involvement (or someone who gender-identifies female and doesn't have an obviously male body... way to have a double standard there guys.) gets the damn AMV thrown out.

Message to Yaoicon: Seriously guys, we're hopefully mature adults. A bit of womanscreentime or indicating in passing that the guy might be interested in her isn't going to give us the godamn vapors. It's not like allowing a female onto the screen is going to change that the rest of the con features man-on-man action. Okay yeah, sure you could say that the people are here to see guys and why disapoint them, but I think on some level it's insulting to take a character that's bisexual(/pansexual?/Other? IT'S LADD, WHO FRIGGIN KNOWS) in one form of canon and have to "prove" the m/m side of it by cutting out any female relationships, platonic or not.

I fully believe that Claire loev Chane, but I also believe that he is fully capable of boning the shit out of Luck before then. And Firo. And Ladd, if we go by the game. And possibly Keith. Really just Berga's the only one shit out of luck here. I'd say more then a few of the Baccano! characters have fluid sexualities like that. ...This isn't completely hard to imagine really, as the cast is huge.

In the same vein there's Haseo from Hack G.U., who has both male and female options. Muraki from Yami no Matsuei has... well he's Muraki. Honestly his characterization kinda jumps around a bit. But there's a girl involved along with... Muraki being a magical fucking unicorn. If we want to get into Black Butler, then we have Sebastian and the fact that he can be incredibly gay with Ciel, and also have sex with a woman. Let's not forget that damn GW series and the fact that yes, more then one of the main characters has/had a female love interest. This does not stop most of the fandom from slashing it to hell and back. Also from Angel Sanctuary, Raphael. Do I really need to say anything? I just say "Raphael", "Michael" and "lol pervy failangel" and everybody knows what I'm talking about.

sub-rant: It also makes me sad because just about every AMV I've worked on for yaoi-con has ended up with a throw-away line/scene that relates to a woman. This makes me sadface forever because it means that Digital Devil Saga videos are always going to get booted out, because Sera is such a major part of the cast's relationships. You can't just do straight-up Serph/Heat. Why? Because cutting Sera out weakens so much of their characters. Same thing for... a few other titles in the megaten series, actually. GASP. WOMEN DO SHIT AND ARE IMPORTANT IN THOSE GAMES, and yet, there are multiple forms of sexuality represented in the various games.

This rant... really doesn't have a point other then "way to fail yaoicon", which honestly if I can keep this comment limited to the AMV contest and not the lines/hotel/transportation issues (if I'm able to go this year), then it will be kind of a blessing.

Yeah, after this I need to get back to my app. Sob.


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