May. 22nd, 2010

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SO GUESS WHO'S COMPUTER JUST EXPLODED. Or rather, refused to boot entirely, yep! Mine! So now I finally did that upgrade I've been meaning to do, but just didn't have the backup files. The downside? I had to reinstall Windows, meaning that I may have to reinstall a shitload of programs? The other downside? Apparently the first install of windows won't let me do... well, anything. Seriously it's not even letting me change the display settings. Any tips on making windows XP recognize me as the Really True Administrator? I only have one account on my computer.

o-on the upside, yay faster computer?


May. 22nd, 2010 08:48 am
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Okay now I has a new upgraded computer, AND OH MY GOD DO I LOVE MY GAMES ON IT. Also it runs sofast and even with me having to take one of the fans out for space, the cpu fan I got covers the load nicely. For some reason the install thought my c: drive was my D: drive and vice versa, but I just renamed the D drive to a letter down so it wouldn't get on my nerves.

THE DOWNSIDES. Yes, I lost a fuckload of programs. photoshop, firefox, and hell, ALL of my firefox bookmarks. I honestly care the most about my bookmarks since that's where I stashed most of the links for the projects I was working on. If you firefox-savvy people know where firefox stores those things, I'd be grateful if you told me. aaaalso I lost, say all of the files/bookmarks that were on the desktop, but that's my own damn fault for not keeping them in a documents folder.

I still have to rummage through my install files to see what I can recover, but hell, this is going to take awhile.


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