May. 23rd, 2010

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A LONG LONG TIME AGO, and by this I mean about 12 hours ago, I started in on getting back all my image programs... and downloading all the demos/stupid flash games I wasn't able to play on my old computer. Along the way I noticed that Baccano looked dark (that's not new) and had a red tint (that is). Black lagoon was again, too dark, and part of it was pixelated, which dude, those files are so high-res that they BROKE three of my friend's computers every time they tried to play them. Just for fun I tried to watch Higurashi and yep, the colors were off there too. So clearly it was time to fiddle with the gamma settings!

....about 12 hours later I was in a horrible situation. when I got the colors to match my old settings, it would still be too dark on the videos. When I got the videos to work, it was too high as setting and icons/pictures were too bright. I didn't know what the fuck to do. I managed to scrounge up a copy of adobe gamma, but even then it wasn't looking too hot. As a last resort I uninstalled the new version of vlc, reinstalled the old version, and then tried it.

It looks perfect. Apparently the new version of vlc sucks BALLS on crt's because they expect the colors to be washed out since, lol lcd's haven't quiiiiite caught up yet in color depth. But just to repeat. I've been up for 12 hours calibrating my godamn monitor when all I would have fucking needed to do was roll back to an old version. And now I need to stay up until 9 to do the laundry.

I am a godamn genius guys. Also on a unrelated note, R.I.P my headphones, which pretty much means I'm probably not going to the meetup this weekend. New headphones to block out my mom and not wake her up/have her come into my room to comment on my games/music/movies > meetup.


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