Jun. 14th, 2010

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It says something when only a dose of codeine will calm one's ass down enough to sleep. Hi, my name is Basil and I'm a stressaholic.

Not by choice mind you, but when the tooth you just got root-cannaled should be seen soon and you don't have the time (or money) until Tuesday right after your shift... It leads to some stress. What really kills me is that since I have the issue on the OTHER side of my face then the root canal I had a while ago, it means there's no side for me to sleep on that I'll feel "safe".

I hate this, I just got the other tooth that was in danger filled so at least I'd be able to sleep right, now notsomuch. Also I'm paranoid as all getout about eating because of this. I mean here I am, even avoiding saying directly what might possibly happen because I'm too afraid of it coming true. The good news is that there might be hope in the future, but that's IF my dad helps out... and well. My dad means well, but he mentioned something about it weeks ago and he hasn't brought it up since. Here's the thing that sucks balls, I still need to finish paying people back. I'd started to do some of it, but this paycheck was where I was going to fork over a good chunk of moneythings to one person and then spent the rest on the upcoming filling I needed.

On another note that takes my mind off of things, I need a good organization system for a resource-gathering mechanic I'm trying to run in a game. Thankfully it's not the LJ game, because doing resource management for every single character would be a nightmare, but as it is it could get messy, fast. Any suggestions guys?


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