Jul. 18th, 2010

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I mean it, congrats. You almost looked like a douche there.

On one hand I wanted to smack that one person because a)getting annoyed at someone I kinda mafia for and b)said person I mafia for does his research. c)one person's opinion about the political groups/views about other countries =/= all the opinions/political groups in that country. BUT. In the end I didn't know enough about that topic to butt and go "excuse me, here are the links/references you asked for. happy now? Good, back off.". Even if I did I would phrase it a lot more politely because dude, I'm not from that country. I don't have a right to be that bitchy. Now if it was a bay area topic then I'd be all over that and saying "excuse me wtf r u doin'?"

But I didn't like how she said "We've spoken about it, and--honestly? I wish you didn't say stuff about that based on hearsay". Okay point there, a major point, but the phrasing either means, "we've had a talk about this and I'm bringing that up to remind you/make you feel bad about it" or "Me and a few friends talked about it and I'm confronting you about this in the main chan." I really doubt it's the latter, but that she didn't do the former via PM also says something. It just really rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn't read the other person's tone when they apologized, so I don't know if there were any hurt feelings or not.

However! It's over and I didn't open my mouth like an idiot. So my ranting goes here instead of a place like twitter where lots of people can read it.
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After seeing the raw for the third kuroshitsuji 2 episode, I can officially say I have no clue what's going on. From the summaries it sounds like one of the characters doesn't remember another character? And people who were dead ARE VERY MUCH ALIVE. (Note: this is not a spoiler, people die all the fucking time in this series.) I'm secretly hoping that spoiler turns out to be a robot, or being mindscrewed.

Or they're secretly a Taxidermy monkey. Come on series, troll me GOOD.

However the more I see/hear about the Trancy household the more I kinda love them. I honestly don't know why. They're just so amazingly tacky and they roll around in it, kinda like a dog in a pile of dead fish. OH SHIT CLAUDE IS THIS A CHANCE TO BE BATSHIT CRAZY AND SKEEVE ON SOMETHING? I AM THERE. And Claude probably wonders why he went for the guilty pleasure snackfood instead of a nice seven-course fancy dinner like Ciel. I like how he emotionally cockblocks Alois though, it's like it's his form of revenge for... everything Alois does ever.

Also I like how just plain demented Alois is. Back during one of the spoilerific parts of the manga Ciel was commenting on how he didn't believe that the spoilers could recover from their trauma. Alois is a good example of how some people just don't ever pull themselves back together and just stay fundamentally broken, and how much variation there is in how each person can function in society after that. Alois can function to some degree, but he drops his act pretty quick when he doesn't need it, and sometimes shoots himself in the foot while he's at it. He goes through a lavish dinner party to keep his estate, and then at the end he flings his money and deeds at the person who wants to take them away? I was honestly expecting for it to cut to the guy's dead body a moment later, but nope, Alois just wanted them to dance around like pathetic insects. While Ciel is a functioning person who's kinda broken inside, Alois is completely broken and would have probably died (even if he had escaped) if it weren't for his butler.

Strangely this dynamic interests me more then the main cast. the third episode had Grelle, GRELLE, and the first time I skipped through looking for Trancy household parts. I honestly can't wait until they explain what the hell is going on, but moreover i can't wait for more scenes with Alois.

I- I may be obvious. Don't judge me.


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