Jul. 30th, 2010

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So I have a fan problem. And by this this I mean at some point one of my fans starts doing it's best impression of a jet engine. I have no idea why it does this. So I unplug the hard drive fans that have become another form of air intake. Nothing. So now it's down to either it being the cpu fan, my side fan, or the 120mm fan on the front that does effectively jack shit. However this presents a problem.

I can disconnect that fan if it's an issue, but since it's plugged into the main fan on the motherboard I need to replace it. I can use my side fan for that, but the only connector I have for that is still too short. If it's the cpu fan then I need to suck it up and get a container of arctic silver and put on the old fan. I Don't like this because it means that yeah, putting in the old fan means I have room to add that secondary side fan, but the stock Intel cpu fans are terrible at cooling. So yeah, I've got my case unscrewed right now and I'm waiting for it to act up again, because at least then I'll see what I need to fix.

On the upside I found out why I kept getting false starts about 3 times before it would boot. apparently one of the molex connectors became loose. I think part of it is the OS too, but I can't fix that right now. Other upside! I finally created a brush that manages to replicate basic fucking pencil lines, so I actually get to draw again without having never-ending threats at photoshop/my scanner.


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