Aug. 4th, 2010

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-and a good chunk of wiki formatting for that matter. So guess who was up most of all night working on the lj game and/art for the things? Yep, me. On one hand I really like that I've found a brush that simulates my sketchy pencil lines, but on the other hand I still have a few problems with it. It's not a replacement for my method of scanning things in and then doing the lineart/shading over it, but it's getting closer. Also it annoys the ever-living hell out of me how for some reason I seem to have lost the basic ability to draw clothes on people. Dear self, you've been doing this for years, how the hell have you lost this skill?

On the matter of the game though it's coming along, the basic idea of abilities for a few of the classes hammered out, and then the rest of them have the concept down, but I need to think of something that fits the theme. There's one that's been giving me so much trouble that I might just switch it out with another class until I get it all sorted. The basic art for most of the wiki/game is done, and I just need to set up the map in a way that I don't hate.

Dear god though, Kuroshitsuji did in fact troll me so damn much on a meta level. All of my classes are based on Victorian figures or tropes of the day, so really it shouldn't be surprising that there'd be a little crossover. But hell, Alois fits one class perfectly, and there's far too many similarities in some of the other classes for me to just ignore it when the game opens. Part of me is facepalming forever, and part of me finds this hilarious since the game spun out of a Wraith: the Oblivion campaign I never got around to running.


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