Sep. 8th, 2010

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My landlord and I need to have a talk, preferably one that includes a crowbar and his kneecaps. I distinctly remember talking to his assistant about the problem of our rent being a bit late because of the mail carrier and his failure to deliver a check to the right fucking address. In fact I recall saying that my mom was worried about that shit and I didn't want her freaking out on me. So now not only do I have to talk to him about getting the rent in, but I also have to dispute the 75$ late fee that could keep my ass from going to Yaoi con because mom will demand the money out of my paycheck.

I am not a happy little thing.

However the only good news is that my game is coming along... The bad news is that apparently there's an Echo Bazaar game and fuck, I don't need people thinking I got all my ideas from THAT too. Dear world, is steampunk/victoriana in this year and I didn't fucking know it? When i started on this idea there weren't any Victorian games out there! I'm going to have one hell of a disclaimer in my game info. Also as a side note I'm seriously tempted to have the game on dreamwidth just for the shit LJ pulled. I probably won't because paid lj accounts are cheaper, but that's honestly the only thing keeping me from doing it. BUT NOW MEME!

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