Sep. 19th, 2010

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So mom has terrible taste, this is not news. Yes she sometimes picks up something that's good but then she goes on about how it's the messiah in book/movie/exc form or whatever. So pretty much anytime she picks up a book or author that I've heard of, I try and find the nearest piece of furniture to hide under until she moves on. Sometimes I try to be proactive in stopping these conversations before they start, like with Avatar (Blue cats in a space version of the noble savage trope), Avatar the last Airbender (No mom, they're all white other then the people who are cast as "villians/redeemed by the white people".), and most recently Twilight (WHY? Yes let's have the person who cuts the amazingly boring protagonist's break line be a role model for teenage romance, it's like "every breath you take" but in book form!).

Twilight has been the biggest obstacle to clear. Many of her friends like it and- no wait, let me focus on that for a moment. Many of her friends are teachers and mothers. That's right, people who are in charge of caring for our next generation are big twilight fans, and not even in that mocking way. Genuine fans. Let that sink in for a moment.

So now that you are vaguely concerned for the sake of our next generation, let's move on! They've been recommending it left and right to her, and she's interested in it. Now I should remind you that she doesn't think Anne Rice is a bad author and LIKES her later books, yes the ones after she fired her editor. Also that she doesn't think Mercedes Lackey writes romance novels dressed up as urban fantasy/fantasy. Did I mention that she thinks that Russel T. Davies is "subtle"? You can see why I was worried here. So I started damage control FAST. I went on at length about the troubling themes, the sexism, and even after that just how damn BORING the books are. Last week one of her friends dropped off the entire set for her to read. As I couldn't conveniently "misplace" someone elses' books, I didn't let up when she talked about how I should just give up "because they're just books!". About half an hour ago this exchange occurred:

"god get over the twilight books!"
"no mom, because you see, it'll be like anne rice if you like them. Then I'll have to be in an upstream battle about how the books are crap and the problematic elements in the text. And you'll try to dismiss it."
"If you get so bent out of shape about it, why would I even talk to you about them?!"

So now mom is fuming in her room in a way that makes me want to say "u mad?" to her... if I was heading away for a week and had already secured my valuables. Oh noes, she's not going to talk to me about Twilight! Whatever shall I do?!


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