Oct. 11th, 2010

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I really didn’t think I’d need to make a notice about this, considering the level of backlash at wikia is around the level that you get from an unpopular LJ news post, I thought someone would have documented it by now. But! I haven’t seen it on any of the wank comms or even tech news feeds. So here it goes.

Wikia, for those that don’t know, is a wikifarm that’s based on the mediawiki software and among other things is home to wowwiki, uncyclopedia, wookiepedia, and a slew of other wikis, some large and some small. While it did have it’s problems you could work around them and in general it had the best features. I came to wikia about a few months ago for my project for the lj game, and also for a few other projects that I never really touched on again. During that point I herd murmurings about a new skin.Read more... )

If you’re considering a place to share your information or ideas in a wiki format, there are better places. Shoutwiki just started up, but many of the larger wikis are moving there. They’re based on an open-source platform and they intend on acquiring Monaco if you’re attached to that layout. Other wiki farms have other features, and depending on your needs one of them might do the trick.

Let me make this clear. As of now on Wikia you do not have control over your intellectual property, you do not have any recourse to have your material removed, and there are other options out there now. If anyone you know is considering using Wikia because of their new ad campaign or because the site looks easy and welcoming, let them know about what happened.

Wikia isn’t the community it used to be, make sure your friends know that before they sign their property rights away.


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