Nov. 28th, 2010

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In what seems to be a matter of fate giving me my birthday drama early, I am now effectively not working at my seasonal job any more. Why you ask? A catch twenty-two. When it turned out that the next week’s schedule wasn’t set in stone, I went to ask the store manager if I could have some hours after the first, aka the day when I was off light duty. The manager said that he couldn’t have me as a liability, however when I said that I was concerned about being dropped for inactivity, he repeated that he couldn’t have a liability on the clock. So yes, even though I stayed in contact with the higher-ups, went to the ER to get the proper notices, and worked my little ass off to get better as soon as possible, it might not work anyway. This means if the insurance agency lowballs me on the settlement that I can only have so much room to try and get enough coverage for the bills. I need to have enough cash to pay the normal bills to be able to go to court.

But what really gets to me are the actions of one of my friends… and also head of Hr. But before I get into what she did, let me describe how black Friday went.

Yay black Friday!

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Managerial issues

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Talking with Hr

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Heaven and hell, let’s Twitterfight!

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How to not get fired, the Human Resources way

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So. Sometimes magic happens with me and Cielo. This time it was about space opera Carebear pirates.

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Yes I- YES.


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