Jan. 27th, 2011

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The economy is in an interesting spot right now, where there’s still a load of unemployment, but there’s enough people getting hired that the mainly white, middle-to-upperclass people can start squawking about how those shiftless layabouts aren’t just looking hard enough. Naturally, people with any number of grey cells can see this isn’t true, but a catchy phrase and a soundbite that includes “bootstrapping” is more likely to out-spin whatever they’re trying to say.

But what does bootstrapping mean? Is the bootstrapping ideal really possible, or is the idea loaded to favor the middle and upper classes? And why is is so hard for those shiftless layabouts to find a job anyway?

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So what can be done? Well first we can acknowledge that this inherent flaw in the system exists, and that we’re making excuses and only worsening the problem by saying that it doesn’t. The real answer, in my opinion, isn’t too far off from what’s already going in the middle and upper-class. No one individual can claw their way to the top on their own, they need the support of other people and groups. Small connections can yield powerful results, but it requires others who naturally have these connections to stop assuming that everyone does. In the end the matter will need to be dealt with, no matter if people want to or not. At that time they’ll either have to decide whether to pay more money and place the burden on the state, or pay less and shoulder it themselves.

It’ll be interesting to see what our society chooses.


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