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basilmemories ([personal profile] basilmemories) wrote2010-09-20 04:50 am

So minor gripe about a douche and pets

More stupid petsite things, but now with the added benefit of someone being a real tool.

Anima, or however the fuck she spells her name these days, is a raging bitch. There's no nice way to say it. Any issues you have about the site are a reason to get her to denounce you and your friends as ingrates who have it too easy, all the while trying to lick the admin's anus as thoroughly as possible. The first fifty or so times it happened I just thought she was a fanbrat who'd get her head on straight eventually, but nope. I've seen amazingly diplomatic people give up on any semblance of being nice to her and finding a middle ground. I've gone away for a few months at a time, said to myself "well perhaps after some distance she'll seem nicer". No, every time I come back I'm wrong. It says something when even I find someone who's so damn disagreable that I feel vaugely like I'm not too horrible after I read one of her comments. She's that bad. Dear god I can only hope she's a troll, but even then this is trolling that has gone on for longer then I've been on the site.

But what did this little bundle of joy do now? this:

"Personally, I don't blame neighbors for being ticked about someone letting their animals romping around, peeing in their gardens, and leaving poop and dead wildlife in their yards and what not and wanting something done about it.

Pets getting poisoned or otherwise hurt by neighbors is horrible, but it's the pet owners that provoke this by allowing their pets to become a nuisance to their neighbors in the first place. Just because you have a pet doesn't give you a right to disrespect your neighbors by allowing it to roam around on their property or be a nuisance by letting them bark at all hours."

Yeah. I understand if fluffy is annoying you, but for fuck's sake call the local shelter or the aspca or SOMETHING. There's a godamn reason there's noise laws and legal routes you can take. How do you even reason that? "I'm sorry mrs. smith to say this while you're mourning, but pookims the cat got out one morning and it's your fault. I'm sorry if it's only happened one time before, but I told you that if I ever saw that runt again..." And let's not take into account the hatred some breeds can generate, even if the dog/cat is the sweetest thing on legs.

So am I wrong here? Or is this a grade A dick?

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