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basilmemories ([personal profile] basilmemories) wrote2010-10-29 01:49 am

Further injury news

So I'm not going to the con. See considering that my leg isn't allowing me to put any weight on it, I don't think that I'd be able to go unless I had, say, a wheelchair. This means that my next goal is to hopefully be walking by Monday, my next day I work at the gas station.

However! I do have a request. I do in fact have physical cash money available to pay people back if they get me shit. Namely doujins. Any well-drawn (hopefully with actual porn inside, but I'll love it if the art is really good anyway) doujin from the following I will pay you back for getting. I will seriously trek out to where you are (or we can meet up in SF), and hand over the cash.

These are the fandoms:

Hetalia (bite me judgers):
-Turkey. No really just Turkey. The same goes for Russia, Prussia, Denmark and Hungary. They could be playing soccer or some shit and as long as it's well-drawn, I want it. Porn is a major bonus.

-ClaudeXanyone-other-then-Ciel anyone-other-then-CielXClaude: Cielporn is kind of a squick for me.
-Alois: I prefeeeeer nonsex since lolshota, but as long as he looks like he does in the series and not like, eight like how some people draw him, I can deal.

Baccano! (ahaha, yeah right):
-CLAIRExANYONE: It could be ClaireXa-day-old-dead-fish and I would read it. because anything Claire does results in lulz.
-Czes: See Alois above.
-LaddXGraham: Hilarity ensues.

Absolute Obedience (SHUT UP, I FOUND ONE ONCE):
-I'm not even going to list a character. Just if you see one, I want it. Quality isn't even an issue. It could be drawn by splattering ink over paper with someone's left asscheek and I would buy it. Just sayin'.

...I like how my list goes down in order of least desperation to most desperation.

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