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basilmemories ([personal profile] basilmemories) wrote2010-11-12 05:01 am

Car accident update

So for those who didn't get the memo somehow, I got hit by a car. Now I've been active a good portion of the time, even though walking is still out of the question. I can hobble a few steps with support, but it's still a problem. I Still have to make the call on Friday to Whistlestop and the local bar association, in addition to the guy's insurance. Then I have to call both of my bosses with the results of that. Again. Long story short, I've got medical notes sent to both of them, but Toys R Us won't be happy if I can't come in because I can't get on the bus/get a ride.

But lemme tell you, my Dr's visit was magicaaaaal. He didn't seem to understand why I came to him instead of the community clinic (ie: they require money up front and I had until Saturday to get a notice, the community clinic would take a month.) and when the first words out of a guy's mouth are "what do you want out of this visit?!", you know you're in for a fun time. But aside from the douchebaggery (and I'd say there was some fat-hate, but that wouldn't hold up in court), the day was incredibly productive. Shopping done, friends being amazingly nice, police report retrieved, and so on. The big hurtle now is dealing with my bosses and the legal aspect.

See, I really don't want this to go to court. It'll be a long process and I doubt that all the people who are pressuring me to go to court will continue to be there once I have to go to trial. Moreover I have to somehow work AND be at said trial when it goes on, so that'll be interesting. On the other hand if this persists and there's lasting damage, I need to be covered. Moreover if I lose either of my jobs I need to have something that'll tide things over until I'm employed again. I honestly feel like I'm being pressured from all sides and I want to sit down and go "Okay that's it. I'm done being a Responsible Adult. You guys can all figure it out on your own." But things don't work like that.

So yes, I'm still alive and busy all the damn time, and when I sleep in I get chided from one of the groups putting pressure on me. And this is all before I go to trial. The upside is that at some point I should be walking again and I have some friends coming in to visit/move back nearish my birthday, so there's that. Also said friends got me some terribad doujin that I'm going to upload and mock. Because you all want to see lactating mannipples, I'm sure.

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