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What the-

I can officially say there's some crazy-ass shit on the internet now.

Short story is this, ages ago I was seeing what strange fetishes there are and man did I find one. It's called TF, or transformation fetish. Naturally this worked on multiple levels because when I wanted to troll my friends/show them magical nsfw things, I could get reality-defying Transformation porn AND Transformers porn with one search. Score!

That's not the part that makes me headscratch. Like furries, scat, and other kinks I'm honestly not into, I go with the ye olde "your kink is not my kink, and that's okay". No this involves one of the sites and it's main admin, a guy named Dragoniade.

First thing to know, the site is amazingly web 1.0. I mean, it's trying to look futuristic, but it comes off like how those pieces of furniture in the 70's were trying to look futuristic. It's almost 90's Matrix-chic, if you will. It's balls-crushingly painful to navigate, because the thing tries to be a database without one of the core database features: the ability to reorganize the results, and to properly categorize/tag things so it's easy to get around. So there's a lot of category trees and facepalming on my end. But what is the main attraction of this site? Lots and lots of clips from tv shows, movies, and the like. But what you should know is that not only a badly designed site, but also the clips are amazingly pixilated and tiny. And the admin with a dragon persona is ragingly anti-furry and anti-porn.

Did the record scratch just happen for you too? THAT'S the mind-boggling part. Not only is this guy homophobic, anti-porn, but he's also anti-furry when he's got a anthro dragon icon/character on at least two sites. Oh yeah, and he goes to furry cons.

That is some AMAZING denial right there.

Okay I'll buy that he can be anti-porn. Furries don't have to like bumping uglies to be furries, and I can hope that he's just a /b-dweller that picked up the homophobic language. But dude, when you go to FURRY CONVENTIONS? You're pretty much a furry. I mean what does he do, go to conventions and yell obscenities to everybody that passes by? And it's not like he keeps this hidden either. One post on his DA he's bitching about furries all being dirty child-rapists, the next he's complaining about how he can't get a room the next con. This is way past something like the Westbro church picketing an anime convention. It's like they went in, got a room, pre-regged to get the group discount, cosplayed up, and then started shouting that we're all going to hell. It's either some amazing dedication or they're all so deep in denial that even gravity can't escape.

But how do I know this? He put it right on his site. And his Livejournal, and his Da blog. He announced that blah blah because everything turned to porn that he's keeping his pixilated 80's clips to himself unless people bribe him.

He didn't quite get it when people called him on his bullshit. Myself? I just caught up on his blog, and it's now on my to-read list. It's like a goldmine of denial and wank waiting to happen, and the best thing is that it's an untapped resource. Dead serious. He's got loyal toadies, an ego the size of a small country, a persecution complex, and all the warmth and softness of coarse-grain sandpaper. And somehow, this guy hasn't managed to get a Encyclopedia dramatica page or 4chan alerted to his presence.

But when it does go down I'll be there to see it. And by god I will bring so much popcorn.

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