Dear self

Apr. 8th, 2010 03:08 am
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Quit having insomnia. You've presented me with a problem, I can't nom the codiene at this point because it will knock my ass out far past the time I need to catch the bus, and yet I also can't stay up for the extra four hours and however long it takes me to get things done. Seriously, is three hours of sleep such a big deal? let me rest. I have to work on a app, call someone about a job, AND get a root canal tomorrow, I'll need the energy.

No love, Me.


Mar. 5th, 2010 12:50 am
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Apparently I will be in the city tomorrow to try and get a new ortho band put on the tooth that got a root canal two or so years ago. Hopefully they'll take me in as an emergency visit. I didn't think that it would come off, but I'd been spitting bits of that tooth out for a few days now, so it makes sense.

Up until about an hour ago I was busying myself with trying not to think about things like the other tooth that got chipped when the band came off. One of the bits of black humor I was using was saying that at least I didn't have anything scraping up the inside of my cheek and tongue like I'm used to.

-So in the shower a chunk of my tooth came out, leaving a terrifyingly large hole and a shard of tooth that is, well, sharp.

After keywording fml icons for about a few hours, I shouldn't be saying it OOC too.

But seriously guys, fuck my godamn life.
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To do (for today):

-get papers and all library books packed
-bathe in some way that doesn't wake my mom up (this is unlikely)
-Organize shit and catch a bus to the city at 6:00am, hopefully not getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.
-head down to the native American health center and have them look at my tooth. Mention the constant taste of blood and ask about the costs of implants vs bridges. hope to fucking god that I only need a root canal. (possibly get more anti-biotics?)
-after appointment, talk to the people about assistance with getting medi-cal (because Marin County isn't going to help)
-head to the library and photocopy relevant portions of the books I need, pay library fines.
-head to local t-mobile store, pay bill.
-if I still have an appetite, find a place to eat.
-call people up to see if they want to hang out. (if you see this and you do, text or call me.)
-no profit :(
-head home
-do laundry
-take out trashes
-rp or play video games.

Jesus man, I'm almost glad that I'm starting this shit at 4 in the morning.
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Other then the argument near the end of the day and the fact that I didn't hear anything from my aunt. My dad? Yeah I can understand him not going in for that. But my aunt? Well, whatever. There's more important things I want to talk about.

I'm not cutting this because damnit flist, if I'm going through this much pain and this many issues getting help, then I get to share. I don't have to be discreet for the people who'd ignore these kind of things.

So I got in touch with the Native American Health Center in SF and was on the line for about... twenty minutes. No not even being directed to other areas, but just waiting on the line. The only real low-income clinic that does endodontic work first asked this:

1) can you go to another clinic? No, no I can't I can't get to the one up north, and I have nowhere to stay if I go to the one in Richmond. Sorry guys, I've been looking for months and you're what I have to count on.

2) You'd have to pay first, you know that right? Sorry, you also said that I could pay 60%. Now give me a ballpark figure.

3) We can't give you a ballpark figure, we need a consultation first, that will cost you 80-90$. Fine, wonderful. Set that fucker up and then we can talk. Nice to know your low-cost consultation will only run me a cool 100$. I didn't need that money, really.

SO. After being annoying I got a not-really-a-ballpark-figure-but-it-might-be-this price of 700-750$

I need to be able to pay them 60% of it by the end of the month when hopefully my procedure is going to be, otherwise they won't do the procedure. They would in fact, turn my ass away and leave my only hope to the emergency room or bribing a dentist to yank my tooth (this is unlikely since dentists don't like to pull teeth unless they're completely rotted).

By January I need to have roughly 540-550$.

I make 416$ a month before bills.

After bills I make 50$ a month.

I have no fucking idea how I'm going to do this.
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-And leaving a nasty taste in my mouth, but it's 100% better then not dying.

So! I did manage to get seen on Thursday, and they prescribed antibiotics, the strange thing is that the visual inspection didn't show any decay or abscess. She says it might be in the tooth, but she'll need to see about that with x-rays.

-in November. The upside is that because I went to the screening, I'm going to get a major discount and they're able to squeeze me in for November instead of December. The care I got at the two places (both times being supplied by the health center that turned me away) spread from one side of the scale to the other. At the free screening the care was gentle, understanding, and more then willing to answer any questions I had. That dentist there and her assistant? awesome. When I called on Friday to make the appointment, I apparently got the callous girl who I keep getting on Tuesdays, and it took a lot of hammering on her just to bring up the "wait a damn long time, but be seen earlier" option.

So while this isn't the end of my dental issues by a long shot (if I need more then a filling I'll be trying to get the Native American dental place to sign me up and put me on a payment plan, as they do root canals in-house), it's a temporary fix of the infection in my mouth.

So what is there to learn from this? Well, you CAN get dental care in California, but you'll have to hit the pavement quite a bit if you don't live in SF. For other people who are having these troubles right now, here's a bit of help: Read more... )

While I'm still thinking of putting these posts up in a off-lj blog (any suggestions guys?) Hopefully I won't need to use this tag until November. I hope this has helped a few people.
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I'm starting to think that the South of Market Health Center either has one person who knows how to use the phones, or they only answer calls on Tuesday. I managed to talk to them about coming in today though.

Guess what? I got denied! Or rather they said that the only urgent care appointments were in October, considering last night's little fun time, I don't think I have that long. Oh, they did tell me that I could come in and wait to see if someone canceled, but sure, I have the money to do that every day! I mean who doesn't have a good twenty dollars to spend every day for about two weeks? It's not like anybody makes only two hundred dollars a paycheck, and they just got their check cut in half because they took a day off to try and get seen!

So what they did do is refer me to yet another place. There's apparently dental screenings on Tuesday and Thursday at another clinic. I'd be there right now if it weren't for good old Golden Gate Transit.

Y'see, they put in a shiny new route that goes straight to the city! The problem is that is doesn't serve my stop, and that route replaced the 80 that comes on the hour mark. Yeah. Did I mention that they say you should be there by a specific time? Guess who's not going to be able to make it today? Me! I'm going to try on Thursday, but for about two days I'll be loaded up on enough motrin to kill a horse.

In other news I'm going to try and get a offsite blog going so that people outside of Lj will notice what's going on. Keep spreading the link around, the more stories I hear about people, and the more help I get, the more I can pass this info around.


Sep. 15th, 2009 01:37 am
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Dear tooth, putting me in screaming agony is not the way to let me get enough sleep to trek out to the clinic tomorrow (again). The fact that I can taste blood in my mouth isn't a great comfort either. I took a day off of work to try and go to the clinic, but in between a lack of communication with the place and passing out, that didn't happen. I would like to get some sleep so I can head out to the city at a decent hour and hopefully get you fixed or pulled or even some godamn antibiotics.

Also a side-note to the woman who told me that she didn't want to hear me talking about my dental issues on the phone? Bite me. You're a rich suburbanite who's probably never had to worry about missing a flu shot, much less having both sides of your lower jaw be inflamed and one of your top molars hurting so badly that it feels like that's causing the headache.

I hope that every, single, person who thinks that thinks that people who have this are exaggerating, get it themselves.

And I hope that they end up just as broke as I am when it happens.

I'm not bitter, really
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You know what? This is medical falure of the highest level. The damn south of market health center can't get their shit in gear. I'm serious. I get tired of calling them for days trying to get an appointment, so I walk in there on Saturday (food, travel, exc cost me around 30$)... or at least that was my attempt until I realized that I was lost. Thankfully I had the phone number. from there things didn't go so good. Y'see the medical part was open on Saturdays, just not the dental. They also told me to come back on Monday, yanno, my work day.

At this point I'm honestly considering it. The past few days have been exhausting for me, I barely have enough energy to get out of bed. Sure I was able to drag Ryuutchi around looking for that combo of cheap/tasty food, but that was more determination to try and have a good day after the shit I went through. Also the weather was nice and what some people call "cold", so for the first time in awhile I didn't feel like roasting. Point it this, I'm going to see how I feel on Sunday, and if I'm wiped, I'm going to call in. There's some days where I'm honestly running on determination just to make the calls and search my leads.
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So I've been trying to contact the South of Market center for two days now trying to get an urgent care appointment, and no luck. I literally get transfered to their voicemail line. Now I would assume that I'm either calling too early or late... but the main medical line is up and running. Each time I've called I've left a message with contact info and my problem. I will walk in there if they keep up the radio silence, but there is a problem with that.

See, urgent care only has a select number of slots. So you may find yourself waiting for hours, or just being told to come back the next day. That's why it's good to get an appointment, let me tell you the time you wait just crawls by, and it's nerve-wracking every minute because you don't know if they'll call your name in time. Some places book people, and so they can tell the others if they have room or not. Other places can give a rough time line, but still say to "wait and see" because they want to get as many people treated.

Long story short, if you find yourself ever facing this sort of thing, spring for an appointment. You'll spend less time freaking out in a crowded waiting room.
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A friend of mine suggested that I go into detail about my medical issues and present a more solid timeline. I’m about fifteen shades of tired at the moment, but it’s a good idea and I don’t want to forget to do it in the middle of trying to get an appointment set up.

Now I’m going to be honest here, I’ve made mistakes and bad decisions. If anyone who stumbles on this wants to call me out on it, sure, go right ahead. Just please try to keep it civil.

Military health care )

Things I should have seen coming )

At least I got a bitchin’ scar )

Pretty sure that isn’t chowder )

Insert “is it safe” joke here )

Corporations and medical centers don’t have calendars, trufax )

And now you know the rest of the backstory )
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So I've tagged the entries of my medical and dental issues for about two years. While I've had these problems far, far longer then that (since I lost my dental and medical health care from the military, long story), most of my complaining was done offline. I've also tried to flock anything that's about my family problems, but in case I missed something, please be respectful if you're going to disagree with my opinion on things.

My goal so far is to go in for emergency care at the South Market Health Center, and then hopefully seek more regular treatment at the Native American Health Center. The former has a more stable-sounding rate, and the latter sounds like they have more comprehensive care (and a payment plan). Naturally, I'll be updating this as I go along.

In the mean time, I'm exhausted. Twelve-hour shifts followed by three or four hours of calling clinics and looking for more places to call... is NOT a recommended plan for anybody.
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SO, my search is not looking good. Just from the start of today I’ve contacted two “low cost/free” clinics, and here’s what they’ve said:

South Market Health Ctr )

Native American Health Center )

These two calls are a good indicator overall of what the “community clinic” treatment feeling is like. You go in with a condition and don’t get care, as much as a jaded attitude and the condescending opinion that you’re just another broke bag of flesh who needs to get out of their hair as quickly as possible. Your worries, fears, and pain are pushed aside for them to make sure that you know that it will be a long and expensive process, and any comments you make about not having the money in the first place are ignored or outright insulted. The experience is made clear from the first moment you call to the moment you leave: “You are worthless, and be glad that we deign to treat you in the first place”.

The more I write about this, the more I want other people to hear about what exactly goes on in community dental and health centers. I know I’m sounding like an attention whore here, but if you have time, link this shit. Tell people who might care. At this point I know that one way or another I’m going to try to get treated, so I’m more determined to get the word out to more people who can make a larger fuss.

People who aren’t rich, or who can’t communicate their needs as well, or people who are disabled one way or another don’t deserve to have their pain trivialized, or in some cases their healthcare outright denied. If you have a grandmother, a relative who’s special needs, a friend who’s down on their luck, or even a homeless person that you see around often, or anybody who relies on state-funded programs and community clinics, this is what they’re going through. I can almost guarantee that.

That’s the real reason I want this linked. I want to hear stories from other people who’ve gone through the same thing. I want people to realize that in one of the supposedly most community-oriented cities in the California bay area, that there’s this kind of issue occurring. I hate the thought that I’m not the only one getting this kind of problem, but it’s true. I’ve been in the crowded waiting rooms for both dental and medical clinics and seen the same thing happen over and over again.

In some ways it’s treating humans inhumanely, and it needs to fucking stop.
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Guess what, one post doesn't make it go away. I'm going to update about this until things change and the state/private organization covers me, or I end up dead. This really doesn't apply to people who've been reading this journal or who I talk to online, but for those people I thought were my friends offline, I'm so damn sorry that my medical situation harshes your day. I guess in between the fucking pain, the outright terror, and the being denied by a shitload of places that's supposed to help the working poor, I forgot to join in the effervescent sunshine glow of your life.

Am I being a bitch by being "ungrateful" that you're my friend? I'm pretty sure I am, and you know what? When this all ends one way or another, I will feel like total shit and apologize. Until then? I'm so sorry, but the worries about my continued existence is going to darken my general mood. It's already bad that I'm going to have to fake happy for 12 hours while people bitch at me for the price of gas/food/everything, but I can't even tell my MOTHER because she'll lose it and make it all about her.

Let me put this way: It hurts to eat, it hurts to drink, I can't sleep without having worse nightmares then before. Hell I don't even want to sleep because if I get allergies and snore during the night, then it dries out my tooth and I'm can barely think throughout the pain for over 7 hours. Trust me, I counted. But oh, a dentist can choose not to treat me if I don't have money, because a dentist doesn't treat "serious" problems, you know. I can be told that I have something that has strong possibility of making me take a dirt nap, but the same damn person won't talk to his family member dentist about letting me do a payment plan.

For those who gave me places to look? Thank you. I'm still looking, and I haven't exhausted my search yet, but if I'm a royal bitch in your general direction, you now know why.
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According to my friend who is the son of an oral surgeon, the tooth cavity has gone septic.

This means the following:

1) It needs removal or to be root canaled.

2) If not treated the infection can spread to my brain and kill me (when it abscesses).

3) It can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over 2500$.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me say this: I know my flist aren't bags of money. I know that even if you were I would most likely be spending a nice chunk of my life trying to pay you all back. So I'm not going to give any sort of bs like saying "every bit helps". It would help with normal bills and paying for food, but I really doubt that I could barter down a the surgery to about 200$.

But I'm also desperate. I need help, and if I can't raise the funds, then I'll take information. Now let me also get something out of the way, I am trying to talk to the people in charge of granting Medi-Caid/medi-cal. They've been less then helpful (read: refuse to really help) and after tomorrow I'm going to call even the most tangentially related center. Also for the people who say "get another job, then ask for payment in advance", I'd like to say that if my current boss is a good indicator of anything, that's unlikely.

So if you can't spare anything, please be another set of eyes for me. I need charities and places that provide treatment for people who make 400$ or less a month. I need Dentists who have payment plans and work in the California bay area. If you know a friend who might be able to lend some info or anything else, please ask them. I need help, plain and simple.

I really doubt that this will cover the costs, but I'd be an idiot not to include it anyway. If anybody wants to hire me for physical labor or graphic design, I'll be glad to do that too.

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Apparently it couldn't wait for me to find a job so I could AFFORD to fix it (honestly right now I'm regretting going to otakon so much) but lucky me! the state cut all of it's dental care for the needy other then... well, tooth removal. yeah. but here's some of the "solutions" they gave in their pdf about it ( )

"13. What can I do if the adult dental services I need are no longer covered (i.e. fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures)?
You can:

1) Pay for your services
2) Make arrangements with the dentist to pay over time
3) Find a community clinic that charges based on your ability to pay (see"

I'm not kidding you, I can't make this shit up. For those of you who don't get how that's fucked up, lemme go by their suggestions.

2) No dentist does payment plans, ever. even the fucking butchers at the dental school in SF don't do payment plans. (I asked after I saw their price sheets)
3) The Marin clinics are for medical problems, not dental. I'll call them, but I bet they won't be all that friendly in telling me off.

For those of you wondering how much this stuff costs? fillings are a 200-400$, root canals are 850-1k (on the low end), crowns can be over 1200$, and when the bargain basement discount rate for wisdom teeth (per tooth) is 1500? That's not a little job of "saving up".

I fucking hate California right now. Dear Obama, can you work on giving us universal health care before tooth pulling gets taken off the list of Ca "benefits"?
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I just spent 10 days on antibiotics and borrowed a shitload of money to get you better (a-at least I hope that covers most of the bills), you do NOT get to start complaining about the same thing again.

... I wouldn't even be able to tell if it got to the "urinating blood" stage at this point anyway, what with it being that special TMI time. So stop it, right now. I'm going to drown anything wrong with you in pure cranberry juice until you shut the hell up and let me be not sick.
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Well, I was able to go to the doctor, thankfully, and what I couldn't afford to pay right then they're going to send me on a bill. Which... I have no idea how I'm going to pay it, but that'll come up later. I have a feeling the antibiotics I'm on are causing a bit of an allergic reaction, but mostly I think it's the heat and all the pollen in the area. The upside is that the swelling that's been active and painful since over two years ago has gone down. It makes me wonder just how many minor infections are being "cleaned out" by the antibiotics, if anything it makes the price of everything a little bit worth it. I'm also disgustingly happy to be able to visit friends again. Most of all on a day like this where my mom was sure just to complain about the heat all day and send me out for more vodka. Tomorrow is mom's payday, so that means we'll have real food back in the house again. Right now though, I'm exausted.
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But uh, all signs point to "it's a urinary tract infection, HOORAY" and one clinic is saying it's gonna cost me 150$ for a visit, and then whatever the cost of medicine is.

And since they don't make over-the counter treatments and since I'm allergic to two of the most common treatments (Ammoxicillin and Sulfa drugs) I'm gonna need to see a doctor anyway. The problem is that I physically don't have the money and apparently when it gets to the blood-urinating stage UTI's DON'T go away.

So fuck, I hate to say this, I really fucking do. But I need to borrow some cash from people, anything will help. We barely have the 4$ for bus fare it would take me to get to the hospital, much less anything else.

So please, I hate to ask this, but if you guys read any of my posts and have a little to spare, contact me, okay?

I feel like a total whore for doing this
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Why am I here?

What is the meaning of life?

Why am I urinating blood?

IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ALL. But from oh-so-reliable internet research, hopefully it's just a urinary tract infection. More information later after mom comes home and freaks at me.

Dear teeth

Apr. 1st, 2009 05:15 am
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You, yes you wisdom tooth, STOP THAT. I can't afford you acting up. It's bad enough that the one normal tooth has gone from "ow" to "HOLY FUCKING SHIT AHHGH I'M NEVER DRINKING COLD FLUIDS AGAIN". Let's not mention the other teeth that are hurting, or the other wisdom tooth pushing my one tooth out of place. That swelling at the needle injection site hasn't gone down in the nearly two years since I had that horrible surgery, so I have bigger problems then you.

In short wisdom tooth, STOP BEING FUCKING INFLAMED. I CAN'T AFFORD YOU. I don't have the money, my state won't give me healthcare/dental, and people aren't going to do this work for free. Hell even the godamned butchers at the ucsf dental school won't work that cheap (for a specific value of "cheap"), and besides that I owe them money from the last time they overcharged me and told me things I already knew. So stop it. I'll call the county again today and tell them my sob story and see what they can do, it'll probably be nothing. Unless there's a rogue dental hero prowling the web for teeth to operate on, I think we're both out of luck.

So start reacting to the godamn painkillers and let me get some fucking sleep.
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