Mar. 17th, 2010

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I planned on canon reviewing part of the series I wanted to app in a game tonight, and I kinda wasn't in the best mood for it. But the app round is in a few days and I needed to get ahold of that characters voice, so I figured that I'd just watch a few episodes and finish it the next day.

God I'm so glad I marathoned it. You know a story's good when you know the spoilers and you're still worried that somehow, someway it might all go wrong and end terribly like you've been trained to expect. The payoff at the end is so godamn satisfying, and there isn't a single character that I was hoping would get a bad end, even the villains. And you know what? The ending is amazingly cathartic and emotionally draining and at the end I could barely think of a better way to finish up the series. As a side note one of the characters didn't ping me at first, but now they're MINE. Bitches better get away from that app, because I'm going to play that character in at least one of my games, hell or high water.

This is a pleasant change from my normal anime/manga/game choices, which tend to be good, but have a ending that's a bit of a let down, at best. As an added bonus this comes on the heels of another series I just finished with a great ending. Hell it's an amazing series too. I would gush about it shamelessly, but I need to find a way to put the problematic elements in a context that's not trying to sweep them under the rug, but also not making them the focal point and turning people off a really good series.

Right now I'm going to focus on my app, then I have another series (or two, SOB fucking cast chan) lined up, let's see if this is the start of an awesome new trend.


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