Apr. 18th, 2010

basilmemories: (Blood-splattered god.)
But a minor note first. Yes mom I drank the last of the cranberry juice. I BOUGHT it to stave off a possible uti, not for you to guzzle down with your vodka. Sorry this pisses you off, but unless you have the 300$ for antibiotics and a doctor's visit, you can shut right the hell up. I'll drink a lot more water after I finish off the cranberry juice, NOT as a substitute because you wanted your booze to taste better. If you really wanted your throat and ear to stop hurting, you'd go to the fucking doctor and possibly save us some emergency room fees.

In lighter news, my ass is finally on facebook. I'm saying this for two reasons: a) I want neighbors/friends/exc so I can get benefits in mafia wars/farmville/fishville/and so on, and b) because I need people to give me shit so I can finish my barn/collections/exc. Note this isn't a one-way street, if you need me to gift shit or help out, I will do it. Namely I need things for my stable, people to join my mafia, and items for my weapons depot. I'm basilmemories on there so, if you have an account and/or you like games about farming, games about beating people up for money, or even war/strategy games, friend me. As a side note? Bpal also has a facebook account so. it's easier to keep track of them then through their terribly-designed site.

Love me, and become my friend on facebook... also join my mafia, seriously guys I'm 21 friends under what I should be.


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