Jul. 24th, 2010

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[Error: unknown template qotd] I've actually been tempted to boycott LJ quite a few times, now more then ever considering what happened to [personal profile] chidorita. As it stands Dreamwidth lets me do more for my money, has transparent business practices and seems flexible about special circumstances. They know what they want to do in the next few years, and while that's no guarantee that they'll do it, it's a good sign. I can't say how many times I've wanted to print out all the complaints Lj isn't listening to and to chuck the pile of paper onto their doorstep. However I refrain because a) that's expensive b) possibly illegal and c) bad for the environment. Instead I show my disapproval with my wallet and I renew only the accounts I need for heavy RP. However if this tripe keeps up I have other journaling options, and with so many of my friends also on Dw, it wouldn't be a painful move.
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-Because I didn't want to write a last-minute app at all. I vaguely considered writing a app from the When They Cry series to troll Cielo, but. WHAT IF I ACTUALLY GOT THEM IN? Then I'd have less time to canon review for counselors. Back on the first note however, I'm really glad timing worked out this way. I have my views about this character I want to app, but I wasn't going to app hir on one episode's worth of info. I think in a way it's like Lupa and some of the dds characters. You COULD app them because they make such an impression and you can pick out their personality, but when it got to their underlying thoughts and how they would react to X situation it could lead to the apper flailing later on. This gives me what? two months to really see how zhe works? I like that, I like that quite a bit.

For apps like Kuhn and Zhores I've noticed the same thing, they're side-characters. Nothing wrong with that, but they're secondary side characters which means you really have to dig for those bits of motivation and underlying thinking. This is fun and terrifying for headcanon, but for the app it means I sweat bullets and it still comes out a bit on the weak side. Side characters really shine once you play them, and that's hard to show in an app.

Meanwhile my next two apps are very strong main characters. One's voice is so near my accent that it's hard to explain the shift between how the coarse and the normal version of a word zhe uses. it's just... "it makes sense to me" which! might be a bit of an issue if I have to explain it in the comments. The other one... isn't a main yet, and it really depends how it goes with the series. But all signs are pointing to that character being important, and thus getting screentime and more development.

On the game development front it also makes me facepalm and lol at the same time because Kuroshitsuji 2 is now trolling me on a meta-level. Some of the core gameplay aspects I've been working on for about a few months JUST really came to the front and in a way that might have played out in-game. I'm going to have to put in a disclaimer about it, I figure, but man, well played Kuroshitsuji 2, well played.


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