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I have two open notes here, one more detailed than the last, but I'm doing the simple one first.

Dear Yaoicon, whatever happened man? you used to be cool. Remember when you were in a little Holiday Inn in San Francisco, right on golden gate transit's second most meandering bussline? I sure do, I was there. I was there that very second year when you treated us adults like... adults, and you didn't do anything like ban vuvuzelas or have a code of conduct that was a few pages long. You had an older couple (that weren't prettyboys, but people from the society of Janus) showing the basics of bdsm, and thus how fanfic writers could create a more realistic story. Your auction was held in a grand hall, with glasses of water spread around, and the boys were dragged up on stage in collars. The male gaze and objectification was subverted hard, and that was okay. We were all adults here, we knew that it was glorified roleplay, we could be trusted to not violate anyone's liberties, male or female. It was a nice, relaxed con.

I know, part of it is that as conventions get bigger, more of the kind of people that ruin good things come in as well, and so more of the howling, squealing, glomping fanbrats as they say, "made it so we can't have nice things", but it's not all on their shoulders really. Let's have a frank talk here, have you ever had a open forum about the con itself? The issues therein? When, say, one of your volunteers downright refuses to let someone hold the spot for her friend because she has to use the restroom, is that person ever truely called out on it? When we have lines to get into lines to get into lines, and the staff say "this is the best we can afford", isn't it time to bring on a better negotiator for the hotel? When artist alley table notices are being sent out a week after inquiry (and past the conceivable time to get a temporary seller's license), isn't it time to be open about how you do business and get feedback on how it can be improved?

And most importantly, when you are considering moving to a hostile, unwelcoming city instead of the Bay area, isn't it best to look to the con goers first before deciding such a move?

I'm going to more or less copy my post from your facebook page, since despite saying that you're listening, there's been a distinct amount of radio silence on this. This isn't new, the last time someone commented on the shortcomings of the convention (about two years ago, iirc), it was answered with defensive hostility on the part of the forum moderator. But here, the short version of it is that there's a good number of reasons to stay the hell out of LA for this convention:

"1) it's socal, say what you want, but people don't think Tolerance and Safe refuge in the part of the state where they heavily voted for prop 8. The bay area's known for culture and a welcoming spirit, La's known for being... hot and full of smog. Oh yes, I want to take a plane down THERE.

2) It's not going to be cheaper for the congoer, flying in, traveling, or rooming. Check all of those costs. They all match up to the costs for SFO and the city, or are more than flying in and out of OAK. As for transportation? Until you hit north bay you have a good network of public transportation that even has it's own website to plan your trip. LA? you NEED a car, as confirmed by nearly everyone I've known that lives in LA. Someone flying in is going to need to rent a car, or hope to god the con sets up a shuttle. Oh yeah, and for someone else with a car to take them on supply runs. Unless the metro is built in under nine months it isn't going to do jack to help.

3) most of the existing conbase is out of the bay area. This is a bay area con. You're asking the vast majority of people to move to a hostile environment, where they'll spend more money, for the same thing or worse as last year. It's not going to fly.

My answer? if you're dead set on being idiots and moving the con, take it to vegas. It'll cost as much (or less) to book a hotel, there's something to draw the people to the city, there's the necessities around within walking distance, oh yeah, and it's VEGAS. Do you think anybody there really cares what a bunch of yaoi fangirls do? Everything from bdsm to furry conventions have been held there, nobody's going to be anything but friendly to the crowd. If anything they'll be overjoyed to see us, and our money, and that we're used to higher prices. So yes, please, if this thing's not going to be a proper yaoi con, at least make it a convention worth going to."

So there you go. This year I didn't go because I had real life matters and a fledgling startup to look after, next year? I'm very likely not going to go if it's in LA. As a congoer the expense is not worth it, as a potential dealer I know that most of the fanbase is going to be back in the bay area, the additional cost isn't going to balance out what I sell. So sorry Yaoicon, it's not working anymore. If you were a band I'd be the jaded hipster in the corner talking about how you sold out, going over the glory days when you were true to your roots and played in the hall of a San Francisco Holiday Inn.

Good times those, the con had a warmer tone then, the con had a warmer tone.
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Originally posted by [ profile] kythryne at internet powers, activate!
Okay, people. I need you to take this viral, and fast.

We know someone in upstate New York who needs a good custody lawyer ASAP. I'm not at liberty to go into details publicly, but this woman is very afraid that her abusive boyfriend is going to get sole custody of her young child.  She's presently being represented by a public defender who doesn't seem to care about the case, and she has very few resources left at this point. Her next hearing is on Thursday.

If you know a good lawyer in New York State who might be willing to take this case for a low fee or pro bono, or at least offer her advice or support, please let me know. If you don't know anyone, please repost this far and wide. As a mother and an abuse survivor, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to contemplate a child being left in the hands of an abuser.

I can be reached at if you have any leads or want to help.

The internet can work miracles. Let's go.

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The economy is in an interesting spot right now, where there’s still a load of unemployment, but there’s enough people getting hired that the mainly white, middle-to-upperclass people can start squawking about how those shiftless layabouts aren’t just looking hard enough. Naturally, people with any number of grey cells can see this isn’t true, but a catchy phrase and a soundbite that includes “bootstrapping” is more likely to out-spin whatever they’re trying to say.

But what does bootstrapping mean? Is the bootstrapping ideal really possible, or is the idea loaded to favor the middle and upper classes? And why is is so hard for those shiftless layabouts to find a job anyway?

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So what can be done? Well first we can acknowledge that this inherent flaw in the system exists, and that we’re making excuses and only worsening the problem by saying that it doesn’t. The real answer, in my opinion, isn’t too far off from what’s already going in the middle and upper-class. No one individual can claw their way to the top on their own, they need the support of other people and groups. Small connections can yield powerful results, but it requires others who naturally have these connections to stop assuming that everyone does. In the end the matter will need to be dealt with, no matter if people want to or not. At that time they’ll either have to decide whether to pay more money and place the burden on the state, or pay less and shoulder it themselves.

It’ll be interesting to see what our society chooses.
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One of the things I wanted to do with this blogdeal was actively pimp indie/lesser known games out to my friends. I started to do it with Minecraft… but then I tapered off as other things intervened. There’s a lot of games I still want to shamelessly plug because I think they deserve it, and one of them is Audiosurf.

Audiosurf is to put it simply, a game where you ride your music. While there are a lot of modes, it basically either comes down to either a) matching up rows of colored blocks for maximum points, or b) dodging grey blocks and picking up the other blocks in something like a musically timed bullet hell game. It’s ridiculously loads of fun. Visually, it’s a bit like those Wipeout games during the grand old psx days. A little spaceship rockets down a twisting, turning racetrack while things hover off in the distance, sometimes change color, and fireworks go off whenever you hit a block. If you’re playing Mono (the “dodge things” mode) the colors of the entire racetrack will change colors according to how fast you’re going, and yes, you can change said colors.

Another feature is the tag system. Much like In n’ Out, there’s an awesome secret set of naming tags that add modes on top of modes. Thankfully third party developers have released freeware that’ll tag things for you. For what the game is, you can customize a lot. Tech-wise, the game doesn’t need much, running pretty well on my system with about 2gb of ram. Even when I was recording, had firefox open, and had IRC going it was still playable. Tiny robust game is tiny and robust. In addition the only time I’ve seen the thing crash is when you try to make it play Russian or Japanese-character’d songs.

The good news is that the game is freaking cheap, just about ten bucks off of steam when I got it. If you’re a Mac user it’s even cheaper because… well. You need to get the unofficial port or emulate it in parallels. The other OTHER good news is that there’s a full-featured demo for the first four songs you play. But hey, you’re not here to listen to me blather about it. Go get the demo off of steam, get the mac port kerhere: , or just look at these pretty videos before you make the download.

Video 1: Through the fire and the flames.
-Yes, audiosurfers are kind of meme whores. It doesn’t help that this song makes for a really great ride. In addition it’s on full blast, so you can see all the visual effects in highdef

Video 2: Silent Death
This one’s a bit of a legend among mono players. Someone made a 11 minute song to see what the game’s algorithm did to it, and it completely broke the engine. The result is the twistist, fastest, hardest level the game can spit out. The end part in the video is actually the easiest part of the level. The fact that eleven minutes of pure silence with no music clues to go on is also a bit disjointing. Try it, it’s freaking awesome.

Video 3: Crash Tactics
This is my failure of an attempt to record something with the custom colors and settings turned on. Moreover nobody’s recorded this yet, so I wanted to share an amazingly fun track. For those people who are judging/mocking me for the colors, shush. I did them for an AC run I never did and the settings just work for me.

So there you go! If you’re interested I can recommend both some slow songs and fast-paced ones that are just a pure, wild ride.

What the-

Dec. 1st, 2010 02:57 am
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I can officially say there's some crazy-ass shit on the internet now.

Short story is this, ages ago I was seeing what strange fetishes there are and man did I find one. It's called TF, or transformation fetish. Naturally this worked on multiple levels because when I wanted to troll my friends/show them magical nsfw things, I could get reality-defying Transformation porn AND Transformers porn with one search. Score!

That's not the part that makes me headscratch. Like furries, scat, and other kinks I'm honestly not into, I go with the ye olde "your kink is not my kink, and that's okay". No this involves one of the sites and it's main admin, a guy named Dragoniade.

First thing to know, the site is amazingly web 1.0. I mean, it's trying to look futuristic, but it comes off like how those pieces of furniture in the 70's were trying to look futuristic. It's almost 90's Matrix-chic, if you will. It's balls-crushingly painful to navigate, because the thing tries to be a database without one of the core database features: the ability to reorganize the results, and to properly categorize/tag things so it's easy to get around. So there's a lot of category trees and facepalming on my end. But what is the main attraction of this site? Lots and lots of clips from tv shows, movies, and the like. But what you should know is that not only a badly designed site, but also the clips are amazingly pixilated and tiny. And the admin with a dragon persona is ragingly anti-furry and anti-porn.

Did the record scratch just happen for you too? THAT'S the mind-boggling part. Not only is this guy homophobic, anti-porn, but he's also anti-furry when he's got a anthro dragon icon/character on at least two sites. Oh yeah, and he goes to furry cons.

That is some AMAZING denial right there.

Okay I'll buy that he can be anti-porn. Furries don't have to like bumping uglies to be furries, and I can hope that he's just a /b-dweller that picked up the homophobic language. But dude, when you go to FURRY CONVENTIONS? You're pretty much a furry. I mean what does he do, go to conventions and yell obscenities to everybody that passes by? And it's not like he keeps this hidden either. One post on his DA he's bitching about furries all being dirty child-rapists, the next he's complaining about how he can't get a room the next con. This is way past something like the Westbro church picketing an anime convention. It's like they went in, got a room, pre-regged to get the group discount, cosplayed up, and then started shouting that we're all going to hell. It's either some amazing dedication or they're all so deep in denial that even gravity can't escape.

But how do I know this? He put it right on his site. And his Livejournal, and his Da blog. He announced that blah blah because everything turned to porn that he's keeping his pixilated 80's clips to himself unless people bribe him.

He didn't quite get it when people called him on his bullshit. Myself? I just caught up on his blog, and it's now on my to-read list. It's like a goldmine of denial and wank waiting to happen, and the best thing is that it's an untapped resource. Dead serious. He's got loyal toadies, an ego the size of a small country, a persecution complex, and all the warmth and softness of coarse-grain sandpaper. And somehow, this guy hasn't managed to get a Encyclopedia dramatica page or 4chan alerted to his presence.

But when it does go down I'll be there to see it. And by god I will bring so much popcorn.
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So. Sometimes magic happens with me and Cielo. This time it was about space opera Carebear pirates.

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Yes I- YES.
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In what seems to be a matter of fate giving me my birthday drama early, I am now effectively not working at my seasonal job any more. Why you ask? A catch twenty-two. When it turned out that the next week’s schedule wasn’t set in stone, I went to ask the store manager if I could have some hours after the first, aka the day when I was off light duty. The manager said that he couldn’t have me as a liability, however when I said that I was concerned about being dropped for inactivity, he repeated that he couldn’t have a liability on the clock. So yes, even though I stayed in contact with the higher-ups, went to the ER to get the proper notices, and worked my little ass off to get better as soon as possible, it might not work anyway. This means if the insurance agency lowballs me on the settlement that I can only have so much room to try and get enough coverage for the bills. I need to have enough cash to pay the normal bills to be able to go to court.

But what really gets to me are the actions of one of my friends… and also head of Hr. But before I get into what she did, let me describe how black Friday went.

Yay black Friday!

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Managerial issues

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Talking with Hr

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Heaven and hell, let’s Twitterfight!

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How to not get fired, the Human Resources way

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It’s a sign that things are starting to feel better when I can devote my time to things like, say, bitching about Minecraft’s fluid mechanics and rp events instead of how much pain I’m in. Thankfully codeine is a wonderful thing, and a lot of the discomfort I’m feeling today is coming from the effing heat.

But let’s talk about roleplaying and death! Read more... )
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So for those who didn't get the memo somehow, I got hit by a car. Now I've been active a good portion of the time, even though walking is still out of the question. I can hobble a few steps with support, but it's still a problem. I Still have to make the call on Friday to Whistlestop and the local bar association, in addition to the guy's insurance. Then I have to call both of my bosses with the results of that. Again. Long story short, I've got medical notes sent to both of them, but Toys R Us won't be happy if I can't come in because I can't get on the bus/get a ride.

But lemme tell you, my Dr's visit was magicaaaaal. He didn't seem to understand why I came to him instead of the community clinic (ie: they require money up front and I had until Saturday to get a notice, the community clinic would take a month.) and when the first words out of a guy's mouth are "what do you want out of this visit?!", you know you're in for a fun time. But aside from the douchebaggery (and I'd say there was some fat-hate, but that wouldn't hold up in court), the day was incredibly productive. Shopping done, friends being amazingly nice, police report retrieved, and so on. The big hurtle now is dealing with my bosses and the legal aspect.

See, I really don't want this to go to court. It'll be a long process and I doubt that all the people who are pressuring me to go to court will continue to be there once I have to go to trial. Moreover I have to somehow work AND be at said trial when it goes on, so that'll be interesting. On the other hand if this persists and there's lasting damage, I need to be covered. Moreover if I lose either of my jobs I need to have something that'll tide things over until I'm employed again. I honestly feel like I'm being pressured from all sides and I want to sit down and go "Okay that's it. I'm done being a Responsible Adult. You guys can all figure it out on your own." But things don't work like that.

So yes, I'm still alive and busy all the damn time, and when I sleep in I get chided from one of the groups putting pressure on me. And this is all before I go to trial. The upside is that at some point I should be walking again and I have some friends coming in to visit/move back nearish my birthday, so there's that. Also said friends got me some terribad doujin that I'm going to upload and mock. Because you all want to see lactating mannipples, I'm sure.
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(copypasta'd from what I just sent on to one of the local newspapers. It'll probably be rejected, but hey, worth a shot, right?)

It seems that the claim of “only the wealthy can afford justice” is still alive and well, unfortunately for me. You’d think that a person that got struck by a vehicle while in the crosswalk would have a fairly strong case going for them. However, according to the Novato police department, an individual hitting a pedestrian with his car is merely a “civil” case.

Now my story is simple. I was walking home from work after a twelve hour shift when I tried to cross at a crosswalk. The signal said it was my turn to go, and for all intents and purposes it looked like the man who pulled up to the crosswalk had seen the light and was going to remain stopped. He didn’t. As I saw my belongings evenly spread across the road my first thought was I can’t afford this, I don’t have health insurance. The next was that my ankle hurt terribly. I’ve had a sprained ankle before so I know the feeling, and this was very much one. I had every intention of trying to shoo the paramedics away so I could save myself some money and be laid up for a few days while it healed. However the paramedics assured me that I wasn’t at fault here, they saw the whole thing, and the other guy would pay for my medical bills. (Being unable to walk also helped their case considerably.) So with great reluctance I ended up going into the hospital.

However I found that once I was out of the ER that things changed. While friends and family told me that an insurance agency is legally bound to contact someone after an accident, the officer informed me in a bored tone that the agency didn’t have to do anything “Why [would they want to call]? So they could pay you?” And while I could get a copy of the police report, not only would it cost me, but I’d have to find a way down there myself… while I still can’t walk.

The last straw however, was when the officer told me that I couldn’t press charges through them. That’s right, if my case had been deemed a crime it would be passed on to the DA, but it sounded like it was a civil matter to him, and so I would need to find my own help. Me being hit in a crosswalk while it was my turn, resulting in an injury that would keep me off my feet for roughly two weeks (and then tack on four to six more weeks to fully recover) was somehow not a crime.

Now in the officer’s defense, perhaps he thought I had cushy jobs that didn’t requite walking around, but he’s mistaken. My first job is working at a gas station; in fact I was wearing the uniform when I got hit. My job includes cleaning and stocking. My other job is at a toy store where I do the same thing, but with additional tasks. These jobs aren’t cushy by any means, and the longer I’m unavailable to work at full capacity, the more likely I’m going to be replaced. The result is that somehow I have to find a way to acquire a copy of my police report before the statute of limitations runs out, and then also find a way to hire a lawyer who’ll work on the “IOU” system.

I should have just crawled home that day; all this has done is cost me money and given me a headache.
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So I'm not going to the con. See considering that my leg isn't allowing me to put any weight on it, I don't think that I'd be able to go unless I had, say, a wheelchair. This means that my next goal is to hopefully be walking by Monday, my next day I work at the gas station.

However! I do have a request. I do in fact have physical cash money available to pay people back if they get me shit. Namely doujins. Any well-drawn (hopefully with actual porn inside, but I'll love it if the art is really good anyway) doujin from the following I will pay you back for getting. I will seriously trek out to where you are (or we can meet up in SF), and hand over the cash.

These are the fandoms:

Hetalia (bite me judgers):
-Turkey. No really just Turkey. The same goes for Russia, Prussia, Denmark and Hungary. They could be playing soccer or some shit and as long as it's well-drawn, I want it. Porn is a major bonus.

-ClaudeXanyone-other-then-Ciel anyone-other-then-CielXClaude: Cielporn is kind of a squick for me.
-Alois: I prefeeeeer nonsex since lolshota, but as long as he looks like he does in the series and not like, eight like how some people draw him, I can deal.

Baccano! (ahaha, yeah right):
-CLAIRExANYONE: It could be ClaireXa-day-old-dead-fish and I would read it. because anything Claire does results in lulz.
-Czes: See Alois above.
-LaddXGraham: Hilarity ensues.

Absolute Obedience (SHUT UP, I FOUND ONE ONCE):
-I'm not even going to list a character. Just if you see one, I want it. Quality isn't even an issue. It could be drawn by splattering ink over paper with someone's left asscheek and I would buy it. Just sayin'.

...I like how my list goes down in order of least desperation to most desperation.

Gdi life

Oct. 28th, 2010 04:31 am
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So yanno how yaoicon was supposed to be the big reward after scrimping and saving and giving up pretty much any form of funtime spending? I even managed to scrape enough together enough that I could pay for bart/other forms of public transportation because yet again I can't get a ride with anyone. I managed to get another job and elected to have it that my only "real" day off was Tuesday, the day I'd be recovering from the previous 12 hour shift at the gas station. I did all this so I could pay bills (and pay mom back after the con for the small loan I was going to take out), and pay back what I owed. For the past few weeks I have been a responsible, exhausted adult.

And then Tuesday I got hit by a car. Since I'm typing this you can pretty much guess that I'm alive, but my ankle is sprained like hell and I have no idea if I'll be able to walk on it before the con happens. I have about... a day (or a bit more, if I head in late friday night) for it to be functional enough for me not to attempt a con on crutches. If it doesn't happen I'll seriously be upset, but what's more is that now mom's actively telling me that I can't go. why? because she might lose her job now and she owes the IRS 400$.

Yeah, that's right. The woman who's had issues with my mom for awhile now is going to have the big meeting about it on Friday. She docked mom on even the little shit that wasn't her fault and has been gunning for her since the last incident that even Fucking Wasn't Her Fault. Oh, have I mentioned that mom has an ear infection still and is drinking more because of the sheer job stress? Yeah, it's like that. So now I'm a dick if I head off to the con before I know if mom's still employed, but otherwise I'm screwed out of anything resembling a pat on the back for myself for actually being a somewhat less worthless part of society.

And if she does get laid off, then what? I don't make enough to pay the rent and bills, I certainly don't have enough to pay the medical bills for mom, and I don't have enough to pay the hospital bill if I can't get the insurance to pay up. What the hell is this karmic reward? "congrats for finally getting your priorities in check, have some disaster!" What's the point of taking care of myself if I can't go anyway? I'd rather take longer to heal and enjoy myself instead of being bedridden alone all day.

yes that's right. I've been taking care of myself as much as I'm able to without being able to walk properly. This means one meal a day because of the effort that goes into cooking on one leg, not being able to go down the stairs or on long walks to the store, crawling everywhere in the house, and oh yeah living on what we've got. See mom hasn't done the laundry yet and she forgets to get the supplies that we need/cheap food for the long term.

So the big question now is, "Why the fuck bother?" Why even go through all this work if things turn out for the worst? Why should I even try to get better if the result's going to be the same? I don't want to say that I feel like crying, because it's not this deep-seated depression or anything, but if I could be crying tears of frustration and not look like a pussy, I'd so be doing it.
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I consider myself a media masochist, I'll watch things that will mess with my emotions just so I'll know more about the topic, or even to see how the other side of a debate feels. Most of these documentaries are usually the ones like "Flow", "The corporation", "This film has not been rated", and "Shoah". Films recommended to me through my friends, or I hear something interesting about them and take a look. Sadly it's hard to share these things with my other friends because when the films get taken down, people don't re-upload them. Everyone wants to make sure the camrip of an action movie is online, but fuck movies like "SICK: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist" (which I'm also trying to find a copy of).

But other films like "Earthlings" (which tries to make a point about animal cruelty, but gets bogged down in PETA-esque rhetoric) are on the other side of the fence. I don't agree with it, someone capslocks that if everyone watches this magical film that they'll UNDERSTAND!!!1 and if anything I watch it just to deconstruct their arguments better. In one of these cases a documentary called "Zoo" was passed along to me in an argument.

Read more... )

Tell me if I'm being close-minded here, but c'mon. "One whinny yes, two whinnys and a hoofstomp no" doesn't sound like consent to me.
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I really didn’t think I’d need to make a notice about this, considering the level of backlash at wikia is around the level that you get from an unpopular LJ news post, I thought someone would have documented it by now. But! I haven’t seen it on any of the wank comms or even tech news feeds. So here it goes.

Wikia, for those that don’t know, is a wikifarm that’s based on the mediawiki software and among other things is home to wowwiki, uncyclopedia, wookiepedia, and a slew of other wikis, some large and some small. While it did have it’s problems you could work around them and in general it had the best features. I came to wikia about a few months ago for my project for the lj game, and also for a few other projects that I never really touched on again. During that point I herd murmurings about a new skin.Read more... )

If you’re considering a place to share your information or ideas in a wiki format, there are better places. Shoutwiki just started up, but many of the larger wikis are moving there. They’re based on an open-source platform and they intend on acquiring Monaco if you’re attached to that layout. Other wiki farms have other features, and depending on your needs one of them might do the trick.

Let me make this clear. As of now on Wikia you do not have control over your intellectual property, you do not have any recourse to have your material removed, and there are other options out there now. If anyone you know is considering using Wikia because of their new ad campaign or because the site looks easy and welcoming, let them know about what happened.

Wikia isn’t the community it used to be, make sure your friends know that before they sign their property rights away.
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"I suppose that to humans, that intelligence would seem unbelievably smart. Think about it. It can control five, no, maybe even more, human bodies at once. I wonder what it'd be like if it escaped the confines of our universe and we could see its true form. It might be a completely different sort of consciousness... or maybe, it might be a sort of mindless program, running on survival directives like some sort of insect. I can't say for certain that it isn't just learning and mimicking human behavior to survive, but..."

Goddamnit Baccano! I was trying to forget how awesome a baccano/in nomine game would be.
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Last night I was talking with Sera and I ended up being pointed in echofon's general direction, WHICH IS GREAT. Now I don't have to get five million texts to keep updated. But I also mentioned polling my friends at some point about what firefox addons they use, so! I'm doing that.

Hey guys, what addons do you use? Share and brighten everyone's day.
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More stupid petsite things, but now with the added benefit of someone being a real tool.

Anima, or however the fuck she spells her name these days, is a raging bitch. There's no nice way to say it. Any issues you have about the site are a reason to get her to denounce you and your friends as ingrates who have it too easy, all the while trying to lick the admin's anus as thoroughly as possible. The first fifty or so times it happened I just thought she was a fanbrat who'd get her head on straight eventually, but nope. I've seen amazingly diplomatic people give up on any semblance of being nice to her and finding a middle ground. I've gone away for a few months at a time, said to myself "well perhaps after some distance she'll seem nicer". No, every time I come back I'm wrong. It says something when even I find someone who's so damn disagreable that I feel vaugely like I'm not too horrible after I read one of her comments. She's that bad. Dear god I can only hope she's a troll, but even then this is trolling that has gone on for longer then I've been on the site.

But what did this little bundle of joy do now? this:

"Personally, I don't blame neighbors for being ticked about someone letting their animals romping around, peeing in their gardens, and leaving poop and dead wildlife in their yards and what not and wanting something done about it.

Pets getting poisoned or otherwise hurt by neighbors is horrible, but it's the pet owners that provoke this by allowing their pets to become a nuisance to their neighbors in the first place. Just because you have a pet doesn't give you a right to disrespect your neighbors by allowing it to roam around on their property or be a nuisance by letting them bark at all hours."

Yeah. I understand if fluffy is annoying you, but for fuck's sake call the local shelter or the aspca or SOMETHING. There's a godamn reason there's noise laws and legal routes you can take. How do you even reason that? "I'm sorry mrs. smith to say this while you're mourning, but pookims the cat got out one morning and it's your fault. I'm sorry if it's only happened one time before, but I told you that if I ever saw that runt again..." And let's not take into account the hatred some breeds can generate, even if the dog/cat is the sweetest thing on legs.

So am I wrong here? Or is this a grade A dick?
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So mom has terrible taste, this is not news. Yes she sometimes picks up something that's good but then she goes on about how it's the messiah in book/movie/exc form or whatever. So pretty much anytime she picks up a book or author that I've heard of, I try and find the nearest piece of furniture to hide under until she moves on. Sometimes I try to be proactive in stopping these conversations before they start, like with Avatar (Blue cats in a space version of the noble savage trope), Avatar the last Airbender (No mom, they're all white other then the people who are cast as "villians/redeemed by the white people".), and most recently Twilight (WHY? Yes let's have the person who cuts the amazingly boring protagonist's break line be a role model for teenage romance, it's like "every breath you take" but in book form!).

Twilight has been the biggest obstacle to clear. Many of her friends like it and- no wait, let me focus on that for a moment. Many of her friends are teachers and mothers. That's right, people who are in charge of caring for our next generation are big twilight fans, and not even in that mocking way. Genuine fans. Let that sink in for a moment.

So now that you are vaguely concerned for the sake of our next generation, let's move on! They've been recommending it left and right to her, and she's interested in it. Now I should remind you that she doesn't think Anne Rice is a bad author and LIKES her later books, yes the ones after she fired her editor. Also that she doesn't think Mercedes Lackey writes romance novels dressed up as urban fantasy/fantasy. Did I mention that she thinks that Russel T. Davies is "subtle"? You can see why I was worried here. So I started damage control FAST. I went on at length about the troubling themes, the sexism, and even after that just how damn BORING the books are. Last week one of her friends dropped off the entire set for her to read. As I couldn't conveniently "misplace" someone elses' books, I didn't let up when she talked about how I should just give up "because they're just books!". About half an hour ago this exchange occurred:

"god get over the twilight books!"
"no mom, because you see, it'll be like anne rice if you like them. Then I'll have to be in an upstream battle about how the books are crap and the problematic elements in the text. And you'll try to dismiss it."
"If you get so bent out of shape about it, why would I even talk to you about them?!"

So now mom is fuming in her room in a way that makes me want to say "u mad?" to her... if I was heading away for a week and had already secured my valuables. Oh noes, she's not going to talk to me about Twilight! Whatever shall I do?!
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So, watching the last episode of the series subbed was magical, not going to lie. But also I have feelings on how fandom and my friends/flist is reacting to it. Spoilers for the series and whatnot.

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So after all this I’m vaguely glad that life intervened and I never finished my app. If I had got in and read up on things it would have been amazingly awkward, this way I got interrupted by forcible socialization with my friends, a little more work, reading plenty of books, I got art done and figured out a new shading method that makes me feel proud of myself. Nope I don’t play a new character in the internet, but I avoided some stress and a stressful voting. And that’s not too bad at all.
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I’m trying to stay awake here so I’m rambling about another topic briefly… and thing I might nap for a few hours anyway because fuck my body picks the worst time to sleep ever.

So! I’ve noticed something in 3d rpgs, mmo’s and maps in general. Some games will slap down a few buildings, add some npc’s and call it a day. They may add doodads or other features or even have high-resolution textures for realism, but the fact remains. When a player goes through the world it doesn’t feel immersive.

There’s a damn good reason for this, height and features.

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