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My landlord and I need to have a talk, preferably one that includes a crowbar and his kneecaps. I distinctly remember talking to his assistant about the problem of our rent being a bit late because of the mail carrier and his failure to deliver a check to the right fucking address. In fact I recall saying that my mom was worried about that shit and I didn't want her freaking out on me. So now not only do I have to talk to him about getting the rent in, but I also have to dispute the 75$ late fee that could keep my ass from going to Yaoi con because mom will demand the money out of my paycheck.

I am not a happy little thing.

However the only good news is that my game is coming along... The bad news is that apparently there's an Echo Bazaar game and fuck, I don't need people thinking I got all my ideas from THAT too. Dear world, is steampunk/victoriana in this year and I didn't fucking know it? When i started on this idea there weren't any Victorian games out there! I'm going to have one hell of a disclaimer in my game info. Also as a side note I'm seriously tempted to have the game on dreamwidth just for the shit LJ pulled. I probably won't because paid lj accounts are cheaper, but that's honestly the only thing keeping me from doing it. BUT NOW MEME!

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You may be asking yourself, “how goes Basil on the tooth shit?” Or not, as is likely the case. The answer is a combination of “fuck yes”, paranoia, and “oh god my jaw” Read more... )

GAMEWISE… Kuroshitsuji 2 is an amazing troll. I mentioned that one of the classes fit two characters perfectly, correct? Well Claude just managed to up that to three. What’s interesting is that class wasn’t even based on a character from that series, it was based on Roberta from Black lagoon. I don’t even know how I’m going to explain it in the game’s faq other then “idk my bff Kuroshitsuji2”
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-and a good chunk of wiki formatting for that matter. So guess who was up most of all night working on the lj game and/art for the things? Yep, me. On one hand I really like that I've found a brush that simulates my sketchy pencil lines, but on the other hand I still have a few problems with it. It's not a replacement for my method of scanning things in and then doing the lineart/shading over it, but it's getting closer. Also it annoys the ever-living hell out of me how for some reason I seem to have lost the basic ability to draw clothes on people. Dear self, you've been doing this for years, how the hell have you lost this skill?

On the matter of the game though it's coming along, the basic idea of abilities for a few of the classes hammered out, and then the rest of them have the concept down, but I need to think of something that fits the theme. There's one that's been giving me so much trouble that I might just switch it out with another class until I get it all sorted. The basic art for most of the wiki/game is done, and I just need to set up the map in a way that I don't hate.

Dear god though, Kuroshitsuji did in fact troll me so damn much on a meta level. All of my classes are based on Victorian figures or tropes of the day, so really it shouldn't be surprising that there'd be a little crossover. But hell, Alois fits one class perfectly, and there's far too many similarities in some of the other classes for me to just ignore it when the game opens. Part of me is facepalming forever, and part of me finds this hilarious since the game spun out of a Wraith: the Oblivion campaign I never got around to running.
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So I have a fan problem. And by this this I mean at some point one of my fans starts doing it's best impression of a jet engine. I have no idea why it does this. So I unplug the hard drive fans that have become another form of air intake. Nothing. So now it's down to either it being the cpu fan, my side fan, or the 120mm fan on the front that does effectively jack shit. However this presents a problem.

I can disconnect that fan if it's an issue, but since it's plugged into the main fan on the motherboard I need to replace it. I can use my side fan for that, but the only connector I have for that is still too short. If it's the cpu fan then I need to suck it up and get a container of arctic silver and put on the old fan. I Don't like this because it means that yeah, putting in the old fan means I have room to add that secondary side fan, but the stock Intel cpu fans are terrible at cooling. So yeah, I've got my case unscrewed right now and I'm waiting for it to act up again, because at least then I'll see what I need to fix.

On the upside I found out why I kept getting false starts about 3 times before it would boot. apparently one of the molex connectors became loose. I think part of it is the OS too, but I can't fix that right now. Other upside! I finally created a brush that manages to replicate basic fucking pencil lines, so I actually get to draw again without having never-ending threats at photoshop/my scanner.


Jul. 29th, 2010 09:07 am
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You know, wiki can tell me all about the devices used in the Victorian era (aka the early days of film), but yet there's no article about some of the themes and film styles they used. And yes, in this case I'm using "film" as a very, very loose term. However that aside you'd think this would be just the thing some wikiphile would love to rant about. But no, nothing. The closest reference I have on hand is... ugh. The 1992 Dracula movie. Now don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous to look at and it uses Victorian motifs and film trends wonderfully, just. I don't like how all of the actors seem to be spending every moment in the film trying to chew as much of the scenery as physically possible. -And I LIKE about half the cast.

My Balalaika Icon speaks volumes about how enthused I am about rewatching this film.
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-Because I didn't want to write a last-minute app at all. I vaguely considered writing a app from the When They Cry series to troll Cielo, but. WHAT IF I ACTUALLY GOT THEM IN? Then I'd have less time to canon review for counselors. Back on the first note however, I'm really glad timing worked out this way. I have my views about this character I want to app, but I wasn't going to app hir on one episode's worth of info. I think in a way it's like Lupa and some of the dds characters. You COULD app them because they make such an impression and you can pick out their personality, but when it got to their underlying thoughts and how they would react to X situation it could lead to the apper flailing later on. This gives me what? two months to really see how zhe works? I like that, I like that quite a bit.

For apps like Kuhn and Zhores I've noticed the same thing, they're side-characters. Nothing wrong with that, but they're secondary side characters which means you really have to dig for those bits of motivation and underlying thinking. This is fun and terrifying for headcanon, but for the app it means I sweat bullets and it still comes out a bit on the weak side. Side characters really shine once you play them, and that's hard to show in an app.

Meanwhile my next two apps are very strong main characters. One's voice is so near my accent that it's hard to explain the shift between how the coarse and the normal version of a word zhe uses. it's just... "it makes sense to me" which! might be a bit of an issue if I have to explain it in the comments. The other one... isn't a main yet, and it really depends how it goes with the series. But all signs are pointing to that character being important, and thus getting screentime and more development.

On the game development front it also makes me facepalm and lol at the same time because Kuroshitsuji 2 is now trolling me on a meta-level. Some of the core gameplay aspects I've been working on for about a few months JUST really came to the front and in a way that might have played out in-game. I'm going to have to put in a disclaimer about it, I figure, but man, well played Kuroshitsuji 2, well played.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I've actually been tempted to boycott LJ quite a few times, now more then ever considering what happened to [personal profile] chidorita. As it stands Dreamwidth lets me do more for my money, has transparent business practices and seems flexible about special circumstances. They know what they want to do in the next few years, and while that's no guarantee that they'll do it, it's a good sign. I can't say how many times I've wanted to print out all the complaints Lj isn't listening to and to chuck the pile of paper onto their doorstep. However I refrain because a) that's expensive b) possibly illegal and c) bad for the environment. Instead I show my disapproval with my wallet and I renew only the accounts I need for heavy RP. However if this tripe keeps up I have other journaling options, and with so many of my friends also on Dw, it wouldn't be a painful move.
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After seeing the raw for the third kuroshitsuji 2 episode, I can officially say I have no clue what's going on. From the summaries it sounds like one of the characters doesn't remember another character? And people who were dead ARE VERY MUCH ALIVE. (Note: this is not a spoiler, people die all the fucking time in this series.) I'm secretly hoping that spoiler turns out to be a robot, or being mindscrewed.

Or they're secretly a Taxidermy monkey. Come on series, troll me GOOD.

However the more I see/hear about the Trancy household the more I kinda love them. I honestly don't know why. They're just so amazingly tacky and they roll around in it, kinda like a dog in a pile of dead fish. OH SHIT CLAUDE IS THIS A CHANCE TO BE BATSHIT CRAZY AND SKEEVE ON SOMETHING? I AM THERE. And Claude probably wonders why he went for the guilty pleasure snackfood instead of a nice seven-course fancy dinner like Ciel. I like how he emotionally cockblocks Alois though, it's like it's his form of revenge for... everything Alois does ever.

Also I like how just plain demented Alois is. Back during one of the spoilerific parts of the manga Ciel was commenting on how he didn't believe that the spoilers could recover from their trauma. Alois is a good example of how some people just don't ever pull themselves back together and just stay fundamentally broken, and how much variation there is in how each person can function in society after that. Alois can function to some degree, but he drops his act pretty quick when he doesn't need it, and sometimes shoots himself in the foot while he's at it. He goes through a lavish dinner party to keep his estate, and then at the end he flings his money and deeds at the person who wants to take them away? I was honestly expecting for it to cut to the guy's dead body a moment later, but nope, Alois just wanted them to dance around like pathetic insects. While Ciel is a functioning person who's kinda broken inside, Alois is completely broken and would have probably died (even if he had escaped) if it weren't for his butler.

Strangely this dynamic interests me more then the main cast. the third episode had Grelle, GRELLE, and the first time I skipped through looking for Trancy household parts. I honestly can't wait until they explain what the hell is going on, but moreover i can't wait for more scenes with Alois.

I- I may be obvious. Don't judge me.
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I mean it, congrats. You almost looked like a douche there.

On one hand I wanted to smack that one person because a)getting annoyed at someone I kinda mafia for and b)said person I mafia for does his research. c)one person's opinion about the political groups/views about other countries =/= all the opinions/political groups in that country. BUT. In the end I didn't know enough about that topic to butt and go "excuse me, here are the links/references you asked for. happy now? Good, back off.". Even if I did I would phrase it a lot more politely because dude, I'm not from that country. I don't have a right to be that bitchy. Now if it was a bay area topic then I'd be all over that and saying "excuse me wtf r u doin'?"

But I didn't like how she said "We've spoken about it, and--honestly? I wish you didn't say stuff about that based on hearsay". Okay point there, a major point, but the phrasing either means, "we've had a talk about this and I'm bringing that up to remind you/make you feel bad about it" or "Me and a few friends talked about it and I'm confronting you about this in the main chan." I really doubt it's the latter, but that she didn't do the former via PM also says something. It just really rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn't read the other person's tone when they apologized, so I don't know if there were any hurt feelings or not.

However! It's over and I didn't open my mouth like an idiot. So my ranting goes here instead of a place like twitter where lots of people can read it.


Jul. 16th, 2010 06:26 am
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On one hand, yay for finally purging accounts. On the other hand way to fail with the activity bit. I mean it's not like some people leave the site and use their old journal to point them towards the new place or anything. And it's not like an inactive account could still have useful information. And lastly it's not like people die and then their friends sometimes leave their account as a memorial. Yes Lj, I can't see anything wrong with this plan of yours. Go ahead and delete those inactive journals.

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Not crossposted to my dw because this is pure whinging but MAN I forgot how amazingly stupid Ponyisland policies are. The short version is that I was marking up a good portion of my ponies for sale because I don't play much anymore, and this includes my starters. So I mislabel one and for a brief second this player Francis grabs it. no little "hey I grabbed your sparklepony because it was clearly a mistake, do you want it back?" note. Nope, she puts it up for sale and doesn't say I thing. So I send her a message saying that dude, that was pretty obviously a mistake, could you cough up the sparklepony now (or at least put that much towards the bid on your reindeer)? and this is what I get:

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So in the case that I don't get banned for disagreeing with the mods, anybody want some of my ponies? Or at least some of them until I know for sure what I want to do.
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Yep that's right, I have a dreamwidth now. Of course I mainly started to use it because I like getting my notifs on time, instead of say, never. No I'm not going to dump my old Lj account, but I'm going to be doing a lot of crossposting.

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Oh, Cfud

Jun. 25th, 2010 03:38 am
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You know how I like fandom wank right? You all also probably know how much I hate when cfud gets a writeup on there or rpsecrets because it only brings out the rabid anons without... really discussing the problems that the game has in a way that would actually fucking change anything. However, for once I'm almost wishing that someone had done a writeup/screencap of the recent wank that's going around because it's put the community into two groups. No, not "people who agree with X" and "People who don't agree with X", but "people who know what's going on" and "people who don't know what's going on and could be walking into a minefield".

Seriously, even though I know what I'm supposed to be looking for, it's hard to find anything other passive-aggressive comments that don't really tell people anything. Yes, the person who wrote the post that started the wank has a right to keep her journal flocked. BUT, when so many people in the game are involved there should really be a mod post or a general heads-up post about recent events.

Yes, you'll notice that I'm not giving away any clues about what happened either, but that's because so far I only have hearsay, aaaaaand even if I wasn't sitting on my hands about this (other then my opinion of "If Spain comes back from his hiatus to this shit and has to deal with the wankstorm unprepared, I will seriously cut some bitches. Because dude, not cool."), I'd want to see the post myself and read the comments before making a comment. As it is my official opinion about this wank is to facepalm endlessly and say the vicious bullshit that I'm hearing about should not be fucking happening (if it's as bad as it sounds). Seriously, if hearing about this wank reminds me of this sketch, I'm pretty sure someone's failing at debate:

-And for those who're going to mention it, SOB yes I just got home and out of the shower. Gg busses who don't like to stop for paying customers. Now I'm going to go back to bed.
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It says something when only a dose of codeine will calm one's ass down enough to sleep. Hi, my name is Basil and I'm a stressaholic.

Not by choice mind you, but when the tooth you just got root-cannaled should be seen soon and you don't have the time (or money) until Tuesday right after your shift... It leads to some stress. What really kills me is that since I have the issue on the OTHER side of my face then the root canal I had a while ago, it means there's no side for me to sleep on that I'll feel "safe".

I hate this, I just got the other tooth that was in danger filled so at least I'd be able to sleep right, now notsomuch. Also I'm paranoid as all getout about eating because of this. I mean here I am, even avoiding saying directly what might possibly happen because I'm too afraid of it coming true. The good news is that there might be hope in the future, but that's IF my dad helps out... and well. My dad means well, but he mentioned something about it weeks ago and he hasn't brought it up since. Here's the thing that sucks balls, I still need to finish paying people back. I'd started to do some of it, but this paycheck was where I was going to fork over a good chunk of moneythings to one person and then spent the rest on the upcoming filling I needed.

On another note that takes my mind off of things, I need a good organization system for a resource-gathering mechanic I'm trying to run in a game. Thankfully it's not the LJ game, because doing resource management for every single character would be a nightmare, but as it is it could get messy, fast. Any suggestions guys?
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A LONG LONG TIME AGO, and by this I mean about 12 hours ago, I started in on getting back all my image programs... and downloading all the demos/stupid flash games I wasn't able to play on my old computer. Along the way I noticed that Baccano looked dark (that's not new) and had a red tint (that is). Black lagoon was again, too dark, and part of it was pixelated, which dude, those files are so high-res that they BROKE three of my friend's computers every time they tried to play them. Just for fun I tried to watch Higurashi and yep, the colors were off there too. So clearly it was time to fiddle with the gamma settings!

....about 12 hours later I was in a horrible situation. when I got the colors to match my old settings, it would still be too dark on the videos. When I got the videos to work, it was too high as setting and icons/pictures were too bright. I didn't know what the fuck to do. I managed to scrounge up a copy of adobe gamma, but even then it wasn't looking too hot. As a last resort I uninstalled the new version of vlc, reinstalled the old version, and then tried it.

It looks perfect. Apparently the new version of vlc sucks BALLS on crt's because they expect the colors to be washed out since, lol lcd's haven't quiiiiite caught up yet in color depth. But just to repeat. I've been up for 12 hours calibrating my godamn monitor when all I would have fucking needed to do was roll back to an old version. And now I need to stay up until 9 to do the laundry.

I am a godamn genius guys. Also on a unrelated note, R.I.P my headphones, which pretty much means I'm probably not going to the meetup this weekend. New headphones to block out my mom and not wake her up/have her come into my room to comment on my games/music/movies > meetup.


May. 22nd, 2010 08:48 am
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Okay now I has a new upgraded computer, AND OH MY GOD DO I LOVE MY GAMES ON IT. Also it runs sofast and even with me having to take one of the fans out for space, the cpu fan I got covers the load nicely. For some reason the install thought my c: drive was my D: drive and vice versa, but I just renamed the D drive to a letter down so it wouldn't get on my nerves.

THE DOWNSIDES. Yes, I lost a fuckload of programs. photoshop, firefox, and hell, ALL of my firefox bookmarks. I honestly care the most about my bookmarks since that's where I stashed most of the links for the projects I was working on. If you firefox-savvy people know where firefox stores those things, I'd be grateful if you told me. aaaalso I lost, say all of the files/bookmarks that were on the desktop, but that's my own damn fault for not keeping them in a documents folder.

I still have to rummage through my install files to see what I can recover, but hell, this is going to take awhile.
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SO GUESS WHO'S COMPUTER JUST EXPLODED. Or rather, refused to boot entirely, yep! Mine! So now I finally did that upgrade I've been meaning to do, but just didn't have the backup files. The downside? I had to reinstall Windows, meaning that I may have to reinstall a shitload of programs? The other downside? Apparently the first install of windows won't let me do... well, anything. Seriously it's not even letting me change the display settings. Any tips on making windows XP recognize me as the Really True Administrator? I only have one account on my computer.

o-on the upside, yay faster computer?
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This originally started out as me merrily posting about the web-friendly roleplaying system I’m working on and how happy it’s making me, but along the way I started to watch Black Lagoon. So now I’m essaying on how the series is A) awesome and B) in a lot of ways a American/western show dressed up as an anime.
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About a year ago if you would have asked me how I felt about Harukami being able to stay so positive about being voted out, I would have shaken my head and said I would never be able to do that. However this time around I’m kinda zen about it. Sure I kinda want to punch someone in particular, but my general feeling about reapping again is “Fuck you X, I can play this character, I HAVE played this character, and with enough work I WILL get this character in. Doesn’t matter if it takes three apps or a hundred”. And honestly I think a lot of that has to do with how the crit/betaing was different between the two apps. Read more... )
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Ask me questions about anything. My opinions on politics, my opinions on sex, my opinions on food! ANYTHING. I will ask questions in return, too, and we can do a dialogue thing. Let's be opinionated or thoughtful or whatever.
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